🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Kylie Minogue


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I very nearly said Billy Corgan instead


All bad songs? Not one of her songs you like?

That seems like a much tamer, gentler time than Kozelek. Long ago.

Don’t think there are any that I’m into I’m afraid, no.

Consistently working with the best collaborators - SAW were right when she was 18, but the list since then has been phenomenal, and she still seems to be on good terms with all of them too, which shows she’s a proper good egg rather than a magpie - didn’t she get Nick Cave onstage at Glastonbury twenty years after the first worked together?

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Yeah, it’s fucking brilliant


Also Light Years became the soundtrack to a great driving holiday with my ex back in 2003 that I made tapes for then our hire car only had a CD player so we ended up buying it from a petrol station

good old Kylie.

Im the right age to have watched her on neighbours pre the pop career

She’s had some amazing singles. And seems like a lovely person. Ive seen her twice on stage but both times with other people (once with Nick Cave and once with the Manics, both over 20 years ago though)

I’ve never listened to a Kylie album, but I don’t think that matters for a pop performer like Kylie. 4/5

Just reading about how Can’t Get You Out Of My Head was turned down by both S Club 7 and Sophie Ellis Bextor before it was given to Kylie :joy:


SEB would have absolutely murdered it in fairness.

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On the dancefloor?


Dammit why did you Kylie on a day I’m massively recovering from Pride and have a shit ton of wrestling to watch. I could write so many words here but for now she’s a dead on 5/5, Kylie is a queen


She’s one of those artists that I would never choose to listen to, but has plenty of songs that I don’t mind and wouldn’t turn off if they came on the radio. She’s the quintessential 3 for me.

Have seen her on stage a few times. Twice with Nick Cave and once as a young teen at the Radio 1 Roadshow in Bude. She was miming. Halcyon days.

Given her a 3 because she’s hot and collaborated with Nick Cave.

Seems very genuine and lovely, has some great pop tunes (and some awful ones), that Glastonbury set the other week was so so so much fun, so I will score Kylie Minogue a 4

Very very VERY good song


5 lots of bangers and 3 or 4great albums

Nail on head.

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You can’t deny her staying power, I personally gave a 5/5 shes just pure pop. Seen her live 3 times all excellent shows, I loved her Royal Albert Hall Christmas show.