🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Lady Gaga

Telephone and Poker Face are some of the worst songs I’ve ever heard

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One of my younger adopted siblings is gay, does very amateur drag, and refers to themselves as one of the girls in our family. Their start in life was hard before they joined our family and that’s led to / exacerbated challenges with MH and communication. We’ve known they were somewhere in the LGBTQ+ space for much longer then they’ve been able to express that (and of course you shouldn’t need to express anything but rural Lincolnshire is not a culturally forward place). Around the age of 13/14, they started referring to themselves as Gaga and that’s just what we called them for a year or so. On their 18th birthday they asked to go to a particular bar in the in gay area of Leeds with me, my sister and the TV and that was how they came out. No words, just actions. I think Lady Gaga was hugely important for them in a way I can’t adequately comprehend as a cis straight man. Truly a modern icon.


Surprised the Prince score isn’t higher tbh. He always struck me as an artist who drew unanimous praise as both a pop and cult icon. Popular enough in the UK to have done 21 nights at the o2 arena too


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sounds like she has something stuck in her throat imo, just not a fan of that anastasia style i guess

It’s actually Bad Romance.

Music wise she’s eh, fine but nothing spectacular. Bad Romance is a capital CH CHoon and she’s got a few other snappy pop hits but there’s nothing that’s made me want to dive in deeper. However, person-wise she’s a real awesome lady. Obviously she’s been really strong on LGBTQ+ issues over the last decade but she’s also been very vocal about sexual abuse. I adore the song she wrote for The Hunting Ground

tw: sexual assault

So 3/5 it is for the music but I’ve bumped her up to a 4 for her good politics.


good thing it’s illegal to criticise any pop artists now or there’d be some harsh takes in this thread!
i also like her as a popstar way more than i like her actual music. think the Fame Monster EP’s the best thing she’s done


I don’t think he lacks popularity I just think Bowie has more. I mean he has a good decade on Prince but managed to stay relevant a lot longer than other artists of his generation.

That extra time means even guys as old as me grew up with Bowie playing everywhere. I think it seeps in.

I would guess also in this country a white, British artist will likely get more airplay than a black, American artist and that will have contributed.

Not exactly been massive praise for her though. Lots of us giving 2s.

Also known as “not Madonna”.

2, because there is more irritating pop music and the first couple of singles are relatively entertaining.

i was just joshing, was a cheeky little dig at people in that music board thread complaining that they’re not allowed to criticise pop music anymore


Another vote for The Fame Monster as her best work. Remember playing this loads when that came out:

yeah, no need to thank me everybody


I think she’s probably the best example since Bowie of a massively popular artist who understands and actively breaks down the line between art and artifice, creating and inhabiting characters fully.

I think the quality of her songs and characters dropped off massively (Fame Monster was probably her Imperial Phase), and so she’s pivoted to other approaches, but her heart is in the right place and her activism is progressive and has a big impact.

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It’s like all of her songs are filler


We’ve finally found the answer! Stop the threads! :wink:

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The Fame Monster

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Don’t like any of her songs but I trust everyone here saying she’s good politically and I’m a fan of dumb stuff like dressing up in meat. Still going to be a one from me though.

2/5. Bad Romance is an absolute banger, but I’m pretty meh on the rest of it. Not really sure how relevant she is anymore - feels like her heyday was a good five years or so ago, and the last couple of records have been mediocre at best with little cultural impact. Not surprised she’s giving the acting a go after that. A Star Is Born seems to have gone down well (I have not seen it and never will), maybe that will be her thing in future.