🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 LCD Soundsystem

Pure madness here.


Been out of the mixer for a couple of days and come back to find out that LCD Soundsystem are better than Joni Mitchell. Enjoying that.

don’t get the This Is Happening hate. Think it’s conversely become my favourite of theirs the last few years. Take Drunk Girls and that duff Nightclubbing rip off the record and it’s 10/10 for me. Definitely the one of theirs I go back to the most. Home & Dance Yourself Clean are the best stuff they’ve ever done.

Other than Beat Connection, Yeah and Losing My Edge I’ve got absolutely no time for anything pre-Sound of Silver. That whole first album sounds really of its time now, reminds me of all the embarrassing glowstick nu-rave shit of the time even though I know they were reasonably separate from that scene, whereas I think the subsequent 3 records are all pretty “timeless” sounding, in that they could have come from any time going back to about 1978.

Yr City’s a Sucker is probably in my top 5 LCD songs, the first album is definitely the one I’d go back to least though.

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Always liked that on the Yeah 12" they had “not as good as Losing My Edge” scratched into the run-out groove, and on the remastered 12" ten years later it had “still not as good as Losing My Edge” scratched into it.


good shout, that’s a good one too. Movement is fun live as well.

‘Movement’ fucking rips live. ‘Tired’ too. Agree withthe above though, never listen to the first album, only the bonus disc tbh.


first albums the most fun I think… the one I listen to most now. think I like it because it’s the least polished

and movement rules

The Rapture and their one tune.

I mean, I like them. Like Echoes and a lot of what followed. But to claim they’re more consistent than LCD is pure seinfeldleaving.gif

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Looking forward to HGATR Shy Child.


This thread made me realise that I had hardly listened to American Dream so I did so. I like it!

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Ive given lcd a 5 and stand by that but echoes is better than anything lcd have done.

Yeah this for me too. I did play SOS to death at the time and sickened myself of them a bit. AD has real longevity I think and its the one album of theirs I keep going back to

@sheeldz, you never chose your two playlist tracks. Just clocked they were looking a bit under-represented in the playlist.

Ha, wow totally missed this! Ill have a think

4.5 because of the shear joy in the room when they play live and because All My Friends is an unimpeachable 7 minute freight train rush of a dance-punk-disco-glam-funk-house song.

To quote Bruce Dickinson “I got a fever! And the only prescription… is more cowbell”

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