🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 LCD Soundsystem

It’s an easy 5 for me.

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Like 1 or 2 great songs on each album and a handful of alright ones, still probs enough to get them a 4

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Kinda shocked people are knocking the albums. Big 5 for me. One of the best bands of the last 20 years.


I don’t listen to the albums as much as I used to and even Sound Of Silver has some filler (I’m looking at you ‘Watch The Tapes’) but they’ve a great body of work and are absolutely incredible live. 5/5

Would recommend people check out 45’33", it’s fucking cracking stuff AND that they also find the unedited version of the “final show”. Used to listen to the three hours of that over and over again.



No 45:33 in the poll, so Sound of Silver it is.

That’s fine though, because it has All My Friends, which is one of the best songs of the 21st century.


Wasn’t sure which poll to put it in tbh and it’ll probably end up on the playlist anyway.



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They’re better than a 1/5, come on!

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Generous 4. Massively important band for me (Sound of Silver came out during my first year of uni), unbelievable live band but it’s hard to score higher based on their post-SoS output. Given the supposed finality of Shut Up and Play the Hits the reunion left a bit of a bad taste as well.


Most overrated band of the last twenty years.


C’mon m9, they’re not the National.



Anyway scored a 4/5. Great live band, some essential tracks (All My Friends is up there for best track of the 21st century), but I struggle to get through a full album. They always seem a bit bloated or have a bit of filler involved.


They’d be in the top 5, no doubt


Was hoping that the next poll would be someone feted-but-shite-board-darlings (like Weezer again) so I could unleash the pent up vitriol at the people who gave Floyd 1/5.

Unfortunately it’s LCD soundsystem. 4 and would be 5 if their albums were less patchy.

Controversial opinion: American Dream is their best album. Think it’s the one where they ‘clicked’ for me after years of not really getting it.


I love them. I heard them for the first time live in 2004-2005 playing in support of Radio Soulwax and the Barrowlands, and it was one of the greatest gigs of my life. utterly incredible. Never seen a band do that to me before, and I wasn’t even high.

Then I got the album on Napster (the paid one!) and I loved it so so much. Rinsed it. Then Sound of Silver was “my” album; I loved it because it came out at the right time for me, and boy was it great. Saw them support that album in Brixton and met up with a raft of DiSsers for the first time, and managed to pinch @marckee for the whole gig, unlucky him. Managed to her the last train back with some old DiSsers, and it was one of those “I’m in London all alone” kinda things. Pretty magical, in my view.

And then I introduced them to my wife around the time This is Happening came out, and we fell in love with them all over again. It was pretty special, sharing that album with her and all the enjoyment.

And then the split. We almost flew to NYC to see that last gig - we were in Taxes at the time - but didn’t, and regretted it hugely. And then they split.

So when they reformed… I didn’t hold it against them at all, it was a chance to see them live. And if new music was any cop, that’d be a gift. So when American Dream wasn’t total dogshit, it just was the cherry on top and finally, near ten years after I’d first introduced them to my wife, we were in the SWG3 Yard watching them play a hits set to die for in the warm sunshine in one of the best gigging moments of my life. Also, they were supported by Young Fathers, and my wife now loves them too, as they are incredible live.

So, yeah, for me they’re a 5. But I get it, if they’re not for you. But they’re for me, and I am happy to have them. :slight_smile:


Solid 4. I’d never really say I was a fan of “dance” music and I don’t really know if that’s what LCD is, but they have the fairly rare quality of making groovy, repetitive stuff that also makes me feel something, so kudos to them. All My Friends and Someone Great are both sublime.

Always liked them, and had a lot of good times seeing them live, but still can’t say they are anything more than a 3/5.

I can never think of them as anything other than a fun party band who make songs that borrow liberally from other people. Exceptions being Someone Great and All My Friends, which as many people have said, are genuinely amazing.


I have never cared for the cut of James Muphy’s jib. Not one bit.

Glad so many folks here get so much from his music but I don’t see it at all.

Yeah kinda this ^.

SoS came out at exactly the right time for me, approaching the end of teens and just everything about it resonated with me. It soundtracked evenings around my mate, long night time car journeys, walks to work then it blared on repeat until my shift finished. It had the emotional wail alongs plus the more electronic numbers that just soared. Plus it seemed to get on everyone at works nerves just because of how much I played it. It’s still an all timer record me.

Their awesome live and their post SoS records certainly have their highs (Dance Yrself Clean, Home, Other Voices Emotional Haircut) then odd duffer (really, really dislike Somebody’s Calling Me) here and there. Dunno the whole split and reunion thing left a bit of an odd taste which has meant I don’t return to them as much as I used to.