🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Led Zeppelin

Don’t say things like this, theo’s barely got over them going bust, it’ll open up those wounds


Find them absolutely unlistenably bad. Probably my least favourite band of all time.

I don’t think this has the mileage of the plumbing tangent, but tbh I’d rather that than the 200 Kozelek posts you’ve tried to kick off you cheeky thing :wink:

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Here we go!

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So tenuous, amazing work


I rate it 5/4



No mention of the word banger yet. Weird.

When the Levee Breaks is a banger.

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We come from the land of the ice and snow
Which makes parallel parking an absolute nightmare

(This is as good as I can do - I googled Led Zeppelin lyrics and now I feel ill and had to dock them a point)


@AQOS - you know what to do.

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our souls
Which is a good way to tell it’s time to switch the side lights on.


Seems like they only existed as a front to have sex with underage girls


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Currently a paedo at number 3 in the list.

I believe in an earlier HGATR thread you described them as “terrible butt rock”, which absolutely nailed it for me.

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This remains the case (except the Top of the Pops song which, even then I’ve never heard in it’s entirety)

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Yup. Think Bowie also had other things going on musically at least

That scene was great, but the film didn’t need ‘rescuing’ - it was already the best MCU film anyway.

I liked the version someone made with the fight scene from Frozen.


Was very into them when I was younger, I think partly cos my Uncle was a massive fan. Haven’t listened to them for years, but looking through that singles list it’s undeniably good. Will give Led Zeppelin IV a listen to see how much I enjoy it before scoring.

Like his jungle album? :laughing:

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All I can see when I picture them is the singer thrusting at the mic stand & guitarist grinding on his Les Paul

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