🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Leonard Cohen

Fivey Fivey Five Five.

Remember hearing REM cover first we take manhattan on a bootleg cassette when I was about fifteen and thinking it was their best song then being floored when I found out it was a cover.

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“Charlie and Hattie, the divine Webb sisters” gentle applause
“Dino Soldo on the instrument of wind” gentle applause
“Our timekeeper and centurion, Rafael Bernado Gayol on percussion” gentle applause


I like him, but I feel like I should like him more than I actually do like him. I’ve tried getting into him but it’s never gripped particularly. So it’s a 4 rather than a 5 from me.


James did a cracking version of So Long Marianne

But I prefer this dude’s version of Hallelujah and his Tower of Song is better than The Mary Chain’s.

Didn’t Hallelujah soundtrack a sex scene in Watchmen?

Leonard Cohen’s the fucking man. Love him.

So many great tracks, such great lyrics, such a stunning evocative voice.

First time i heard him was when christian slater played everybody knows in the film pump up the volume when i was about 12. I remember hearing it and thinking ‘wow, this sounds fucking unlike anything’

Was lucky enough enough to catch him at glastonbury a while back, man he held what must have been 100’000 people in the palm of his hand, beautiful.

Easy peasy 5.


Yeah this. What I’ve heard is great, but, I don’t know enough by him to give a 5. So a 4/5 it is.

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Also, what I’ve heard is great, but not sufficiently gripping enough for me to want to spend a whole bunch of time exploring his back catalogue. Ditto Richard Thompson.

Pretty much this. Like, I can see what people dig about him but he’s never really done it for me in a big way. Mate of mine absolutely loves him so I’ve heard a fair bit over the years, just never really connected with it. An apologetic 3.

An easy 5. Reminds me, oddly, a lot of my first year at uni as I listened to him A LOT to the point that my housemates asked who that gloomy guy I kept playing was.

Only saw him live once but very glad I did.

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Somehow managed to never hear a whole song by him, just snippets on tv.

Yeah I know. Will get round to it one day. It’s become a bit of a thing.

Abstaining obviously.

He’s a 4.5 for me, found it really difficult to decide whether to round up or down but in the end I went for a 5.

One thing I am sure about is that Famous Blue Raincoat and Chelsea Hotel #2 are two of the very greatest songs ever written. Just imagine being able to write a song like that.


My mum loves him so used to play him in the car when I was little and I’d be going in and out of sleep with his songs playing and I didn’t really like it but then I did and now the songs are strongly nostalgic.


My mum bought Songs of Love and Hate because she fancied someone who really liked Leonard Cohen at the time. She didn’t actually like it at all. Not a bad record for me go on to nick from her though.

3/5 nonetheless.

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5 - The Master.

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Yeah, was going to give a shout out to that one. Sometimes overlooked but I think the added instrumentation really gives it some colour, and Who By Fire, such a simple song in many ways, is devastating.

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His Glasto set was one of the all-time greats, shame he didn’t want it filmed.

Also one of the best deadpans ever, the end of this does me every time:

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Tooo difficult

The 5s are coming thick and fast but Laughing Len is a true 5.

Famous Blue Raincoat might be the best song ever.

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only heard two albums but I’ll give him a 5 as he seemed genuine

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5 bye

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