🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Les Savy Fav

They’re really good live. House on fire is a massive banger live.

Hope you can make it.


It me :blush:


How many bangers have we got on this one Severed?

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A reasonable amount! Also a rare slow jam ballad!

Yet again we find ourselves asking


This bangs.


First listen was promising. Liked some of the slow bits as well, seems to have a good flow.

I didn’t realise World Got Great was previously unreleased

A few listens in now, yeah this is class. Can tell the songs are gonna grow and grow

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Mischief Night and Somebody Needs a Hug are top tunes and will be on repeat

Someone get them on This Morning when they’re over next week.


Ha, given two of them are in the ‘house band’ with one of GvsB I was hoping they’d turn up on there!

That suit rip off was great

I’ve got two tickets for sale for this. Twickets: Fan-to-Fan Face Value Ticket Resale
Happy to take less than face value as it doesn’t look like it’s going to sell out.

I’m selling a ticket for the Dublin show too on the off chance anyone on here might be interested, also not sold out so happy to sell it for cheaps.

Annoyingly I saved on fees by buying it straight from the venue site but means I can’t use the ticketmaster resale function now, ffs

Have to sell my ticket for Dublin too, I’m so fucking broke after Springsteen and a wedding I was at. I wish I’d never gone to Springsteen, what a shit show compared to what LSF will be like.

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Managed to get mine sold on Toutless now that the gig’s sold out

what was wrong with bruce

He didn’t come out dressed as the pope then strip down to his underpants as Tim H would do