🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Les Savy Fav

Yeah! Primarily for their live show it seems, flicking through the thread

took this photo on an iPod at the LSF/battles/caribou ATP

5 for climbing ability alone

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New music?



I don’t know this band very well but I was obsessed with “The Sweat Descends” for a while recently. A man came to buy some speakers off me and I tried to put that song on to test it, but Apple Music was being shite and it skipped to that awful song directly afterwards that sounds like Fred Durst singing “Papa Don’t Preach” over and over

The man didn’t buy the speakers



I remember buying Emor: Rome Upside down back in 2000 and have so much love for the cat and the cobra

favourite track was always between - we’ve got boxes and hide me from next february

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ǝɯoɹ kicks so much ass, may have been my intro to them.


absolutely, was defintiely my gateway and haven’t thought too much about it, but I’d say in my top 10 EPs.

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