🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Low

Like Nick Drake, I’ve tried and tried and there’s nothing there for me. I’m glad that other people get something out of them, but it would make no material difference to my life if they’d never existed.

Lowtorcycle emptiness.


I hope this post gets the recognition it deserves.

Am actually going to mute this thread. I’d love to counter this strongly but I have fuck-all in my tank at the moment.

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aw man :confused: :slight_smile:
im glad you enjoy them and look forward to the HGATR boom boom satellites thread where im arguing for a 5 and everyone is giving them 2s… :laughing:

and I have seen low live, and listened to their music so its not coming froma place of ignorance. they really don’t speak to me though :man_shrugging:

(much like the national and loads of other stuff )

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i see this thread is outing some proper deviants


Never really hot them but I keep meaning to listen to that most recent album with the abstract sort of cover.

Not gonna vote I think.

Easy 5. Favourite songs of theirs probably In Metal and Murderer. Love this performance of the latter:


low at their best is as good as it gets 5


Never been hooked in to them from what I’ve heard. Like they sound objectively ‘good’ and clearly they’re held in very high regard by plenty of people, but their stuff’s never really clicked for me. Not sure/5.


I like bits of what I’ve heard and have always suspected it’ll all click for me one day, but I’ve been thinking that for years and have never bothered going further, so maybe they’re not for me after all. Will abstain out of respect for the people who are passionate about them, but wouldn’t be more than a 3.

I love them more than almost anything else.


Probably invested more time and money (records and gigs) trying to like Low than any other band. Just doesn’t connect with me at all. Ah well you can’t like everything.

Abstaining, don’t think I’ve ever listened to them.

The first act on here I can genuinely say I’ve never heard anything by


Solid 5. To be as good as they have for as long as they have is just mind-blowing, can’t think of any bands as consistent over such a long period of time. Even their weaker albums invariably have 3 or 4 really good songs.


you’ve heard just like christmas

Best American band of the last 30 years or so

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had previously dismissed them as boring but heard something the other day I quite liked. Think it was off Ones and Sixes. I’ll have a go at some of the superfans’ recommendations