🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Maxïmo Park

He was a regular spot in the crowd at ATPs, too

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First 2 albums are great.
Other LPs are good with great highlights.
The latest album that done well in the charts is surprisingly good.

First I’ve heard of this best of/singles tour but would go if it comes over here for sure.

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King Krule, Fontaines DC, Gilla Band, black midi have all had multiple releases that are infinitely more interesting the Maximo Park IMO

Aye fair point, maybe



Last few Cate le bon albums were definitely better than any Maximo Park record, does that count as guitar music though?

Can’t believe autocorrect neutered your insult here.
Although if I imagine Danny Dyer saying it, it still works :wink::smiley:

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‘interesting’ doesn’t mean good BTW…

Interesting point


Ah, I forgot that they’re one of those bands are inexplicably disliked on DiS despite getting recognition and respect by most other people. My bad.

^ At it

St Patrick Ireland GIF by USA Kilts


Balls :joy:

Well, black midi and King Krule’s output is enough to get us by!

Yes, Black Midi sure are ‘interesting’.

Couldn’t resist sorry. I just don’t really get the impulse to lump Maximo in with landfill or to call them outright awful. Are they not similar to Fontaines in a way? Bookish, ideas-slightly-above-their-station etc

Surprised more people don’t like Graffiti

Not sure if this sentence makes sense

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They weren’t outright landfill but were often on bills with bands that were. Quite literate and tasteful, just a bit dull and yer man’s vocal delivery always sounded a bit like he was singing the hockey cokey.


Tbf I’ve been careful not to label them landfill as they’re one of the few bands of that era that where I actually remember what they sound like. Not that that’s a good thing :wink:

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Haven’t listened to a huge amount of theirs, but Our Velocity is one of the best pop songs of all time. Multiple different bits catchy enough to be a chorus, the bit where the different vocal parts overlap, the “love is a lie” bit, perfection.


Couple of good singles on the first 2 albums. Not sure I ever listened to either of them in full and I haven’t kept up with them since.

Apply Some Pressure and Our Velocity are quite good aren’t they

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The main guy once threw a half empty can of diet red bull into the crowd at EOTR. Absolute prize dickhead behaviour. No tunes. Not even top 5 bands that made a record better than any UK guitar record in the last 5 years.

Big fan. First came across them supporting a very lacklustre Idlewild in 2006/7, and they blew them offstage. I’ll go see them whenever they come through town, so am probably approaching double digits for the number of shows I’ve seen now. Still a great live act. Second album is the best, played it solidly for months when it came out, but there isn’t a dog in the catalogue. Might even go to a five as they’re one of the few acts my wife and I agree on.