🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Mclusky/Future Of The Left

ahh they might have filmed one and recorded the other - i haven’t got round to watching the youtube bit yet as i’m waiting for the DVD to be pressed up

still one of the most incongruous, most fun TV performances I can think of



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  • i am scared of everything that isn’t me
  • love letters in the age of steam
  • this taco is not correct
  • slap bass hunks
  • nuance - the musical
  • you are the ambulance

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Love them but the 1st album is my favourite. Love the lo-fi feel to it and the songs are great fun


bought the first 4 Christian Fitness albums and really like them all but they were coming too thick and fast so i stopped after the 4th (which was the best one probably, but i listened to a bit of the 5th and it didn’t sound as good). i might catch up on properly listening to the last two now before the next one comes out

I anticipate a relatively low rating.

They are lauded on these boards in such a way as to be offputting, and people have valid criticisms of them. If I didn’t love them, based on what I see on these boards, I’d find all that hugely offputting.

I reckon the majority of people here think they’re shit but feel like if they said this, they’d get shot down by the die-hards so will enjoy taking this opportunity to make their opinion heard.

Ah possibly yeah! I haven’t watched it either though if it was on the 20th - you might be able to spot @colossalhorse as I know they were at that night




first album is more hit and miss but has all the best CF songs on there

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Posts like this are what makes HGATR great.


didn’t mean to vote, never listened, but Slap Bass Hunks is a chef’s kiss of a title


Both 5s and Falco reads DiS (hi Falco), so try not to do a me.


4 for McLusky

2 or 3 for FOTL

Mclusky were great but by that last album I think the wackiness was wearing a little bit thin. FOTL have a couple of good songs but listening to a whole album is absolutely exhausting.

Also I voted for the wrong album by mistake - is there any way to retract and revote?

Absolutely slamming that 5 for both of them, fucking brilliant bands. Ticks all the boxes for me, that thumping, grinding, noisy bass, that caustic, biting humour, the utter earworm of all the songs, god they’re so, so good. One of my favourite bands live as well, I would pay good money just to hear Falco talk to be honest or rip into hecklers.

FOTL have some excellent closing tracks on all their albums; the quiet melancholy of The Contrarian the bonkers Lapsed Catholics, the weird cacophony of Notes on Achieving Orbit, the “sounds like a western to me” jam of Why Aren’t I Going To Hell and the creepy No Son Will Ease Their Solitude.

Difficult to pick a favourite song, I do love Donny of the Decks from Accident, because it reminds me of 80s Matchbox and I like the drumming.

Oh and HomeTapingIsKillingSusan a lot for some reason.

Falco is probably my favourite musician, I reckon, or at least the one I own the most stuff by. Christian Fitness, his other project also gets a big fat 5 as well.

Loved the Mclusky show at the Dingwalls in 2019, was having a proper shit few months at work, and seeing John, USA Nails and then Mclusky doing the hits was so amazing. They played No Covers as well.

Additional: I was at the Water Rats show with @guntrip that was featured on the Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires live album and they played Cloak the Dagger which is 12 minutes of absolute bedlam.


Love this post.

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Mclusky are an instant 5. Do Dallas is just superb, I come back to it all the time and always love it. Enjoyed them with and without the *.

FotL are an odd one. I had tickets to see them a couple of times in their first year and the cancelled both with no reason given, one (possibly at the Sebrite or Shakwell Arms) my friend and I had already traveled there before finding out, ended up going for a rubbish curry. As a result I actively boycotted listening to them for a decade or so. I have since caught up with their early albums and they are great. I still hold a grudge so they only get a 4.

Christian Fitness are/is good too, but I can’t keep up. 4.

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Dunno, feel like there will be a lot of abstentions, plus every one left recently remember


Thank you!