🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Mew

Nobody I’ve heard of.

Hahaha that sounds excellent

Frengers is v good and ATGHK is stunning. Never been able to get much into their other stuff. Should try again tho.

Made it halfway through this morning before I had to turn it off, didn’t click with older me at all I’m afraid. They can still have a 2 for the good times though.

Own one of their albums which I’m sure was due to this place banging on about them. Not very good in fairness.

Decided to check out Choir of Young belivers because of the chat up thread. I like them.


I’m a big Choir Of Young Believers fan. Was very happy when they supported Mew at Shepherds Bush Empire (I think) as I got to see both bands on the same evening. I have Mew a 4, but COYB would get a 5 in my own hgatr world. Hope they/he comes out with a new album at some point, as it’s long overdue now.

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Mew score 3.54

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  • Mew
  • Beyoncé
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Seems about right. Thanks for doing them. Never theyd come around so a real treat

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Quite enjoying how we’re getting a little more niche as we near 300.


Expecting Sparta for 300 now



Four more years

That’s bloc party


That explains why I have a ticket with OK Go on it but zero memory of seeing them- it was the time I saw Mew but left before OK Go too.

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We should do Hot Snakes or just a general big HGATR of Speedo and Froberg bands:

Drive Like Jehu
Hot Snakes
Rocket from the Crypt
Night Marchers

I know there are others like Pitchfork and Back Off Cupids but most only have one album or are just very very niche I think.


They were so so good live before the guitarist left.

She Spider is my favourite song.

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You get lost on your way to the request thread bud? :wink:


Think we can all agree that’s plenty

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I assume the requests thread is dead and gone in terms of people checking. :smiley: