🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Miles Davis

I think there’s also an element of you could ‘cancel’ someone like MD and have every record he’s ever made removed from society, but the influence of the records he put out is so huge that there’s a musical legacy that goes so far beyond him as a person that it’s maybe easier to view the music and the man as two separate things. Or something.

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As a person, the worst.

As a musician, Fucking Hell.


Would be a great HGATR.


Gone with a 5 as for musical output alone (yeah he definitely wasn’t a great person - @littlebirds has put it better than I could), he was such a pioneer and his influence stretches so far. I think like a few others have mentioned, my favourite record would also be In a Silent Way as it really creeps up on you and totally gets under your skin, really gives me chills. There’s so much of his material to explore and let sink in. But albums like On The Corner, Miles Smiles, Sketches of Spain, Live/Evil etc are all just BRILLIANT!

A couple of gems:

(Heard this through a playlist St Vincent made and it’s wild)

(Really rate Doo-Bop, it’s kinda cheesey / dated but still works well as a mostly instrumental hip hop album of sorts)

(This is absolutely electric and definitely up there with his best albums)

(The drums on this are excellent)


this man. Its almost perfect

The Doo Bop title track is so funny and stupid, where they have nothing to rap about except the fact Miles Davis has apparently invented something called doo bop. Love it

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Never listened, don’t think I like the trumpet really as an instrument


Ha exactly! The raps are the worst thing about about and would probably hold up much better without them.

I reckon you could give Miles a run for his money blowing your own.

Yeah making music is easy though so it’s nothing to be proud of

Very much this, I think. If you cancel a Ryan Adams it doesn’t really matter because there are four hundred million other sadsack mediocrities with a guitar out there and they’ve all got a bucketload of interchangeable songs in the key of A. Miles Davis’ legacy is incalculable. It wouldn’t be that hyperbolic to suggest that he is the single most important and influential figure in the entirety of post-war music, scumbag or not.

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Got the box set of this and it slaps so hard


For you, absolutely yes. For most people - absolutely not. Different people have different gifts. None are inherently of more value than any others, but I think you inadvertently put down those who love to make music but to whom it doesn’t come easily when you put it like this.

But let’s not go too deep into that right now.

Here’s footage of Miles improvising the score to the film ‘Lift to the Gallows’


Genuinely one of the best musicians of all time and barely anyone on this board knows enough to comment tbh

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Surely there are millions of other jazz people playing the trumpet too though, I’ve heard plenty of jazz but no miles Davis, makes no difference to the quality of music I can listen to if he is “cancelled”

Last record I ever bought my old man, this. Beautiful.


Five out of five


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Also think you need to score all jazz differently to rock - it’s so heavily improvised and about a hundred of his releases were just gigs people recorded. His ensembles with Coltrane, Jarrett, John McLaughlin etc changed the face of entire genres.
Was persecuted and beaten for his race which made him tough as nails in every respect but what you gonna do

Sorry, I just mean in comparison to like being a doctor or having depression or something

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