🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Modest Mouse

Yeah 6th August now apparently. Still I guess a single tomorrow


1 and 9 are prime Mogwai titles :smiley:



Can’t get excited about new MM material, will probably listen once and scrape the best tracks for my own playlist and then shelve it

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Latest band pic is just these 2

Hopefully it’d a sstripped back band/line up this time

the image on the Facebook post above is quite nice (but not very Modest Mouse) but that actual cover is horrible imo

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that’s quite a reduction from the ridiculous number of people on stage when i last saw them


Yeah similar to the Flaming lips where they have about 12 people up on the stage , but the only ones you can actually hear are Stevens synths, drums and the bass. Always think why pay all these guys and I think they are all official members of the band too.

Bring back 2 drummers I say.

The official line up 8 I think. At least that’s how many were in the Strangers To Ourselves press shots

Shame no Eric Judy still. Would’ve been cool having the original trio back

But if its just issacc and Jermiah this is the closest to OG Modest Mouse line up/set up since Moon and Antarctica


Really hope I’m wrong, but a double album from these guys in 2021? Odds are stacked against it being good. Let’s see…

Jim’s a full time member now tho isn’t he?
Edit: unless he’s out now.

Could be coivd affecting the photo or they’ve just paired back to a much smaller band. We won’t know until he album or single is out I guess

The reason I think its an indicator to stripping back is because Isaacs gf is in the band and not in the photo

Just spread across 2 LPs for sound quality . I don’t believe it’s a true double album.

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Aye so she is. The stage setup for Strangers was ‘a bit much’.

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I really think that given the long gap between n lps despite issaac saying the follow up was going to come as legally possible and 3 songs being dumped unceremoniously on YouTube and being absent from this album I think that project is long dead/scrapped.

I doubt this is part 2 to strangers and I’m kind of relieved

That’s a relief at least

Yes agreed just odd they would stick with that name, that will naturally link it to Strangers. I guess they just really loved it as an album title and thought only reddit dorks noticed that part 1 call out on the lp anyway.

2LP of ‘Pistol’ remixes.