🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Modest Mouse

Huh, I should probably listen to it then

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Getting it around this weekendish

So I’m veeery exciteedd

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I’m really enjoying it. It’s so catchy. :open_mouth::open_mouth::grin:

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Are the drums front and centre in the mix on this one again?

I think this is great. Glad they took a chance and did something different but focused. Flows really well as an album, you can tell this was written over a short time with the intent to be a cohesive album.

Strangers ,which has some great songs ,felt like here are the best songs we’ve written sporadically over the last few years.


Still early doors with the album. I was about to say it’s taking a while to grab me, but holy fuck ‘Wooden Soldiers’ is a really nice song.

It reminds me of some of the B-sides from around Moon and Antarctica, which leant more into sort of doing weird psychedelic stuff with a bit more sampling and electronics (or what sounded to me like sampling and electronics anyway). Problem with nowadays for me is that it’s hard to properly find a nice time to listen to an album start to finish (I hope it isn’t raining tomorrow, so I can go out for a nice walk with this 'un)

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It’s deffo one of their best songs imho. Both sonically and lyrically

I think the ballads on this record in general are all pretty great. Hope they double down on the mellower sound next time round as it’s really working. Considering how weak the ballads were on strangers this was a very pleasent surprise