🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 My Bloody Valentine

Imagine ‘Streaming For The First Time Everywhere’ was the name of the new album.

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They all seem like really lovely people and I think some of the myths built up around Kevin do a disservice to how normal and down-to-earth he is.

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I remember that at the time, You Made Me Realise was one of the guaranteed floor-fillers at Indie club nights I used to go to. And holds up amazingly well of course.

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Happy to say I’m listening to Isn’t Anything and enjoying it more than I have in ages (and remembering how many ideas I’ve stolen from it) :smiley:


They’re so adorably polite in this video, I love it


Loveless is one of the worst albums to listen to on a speaker while cycling. all the textures doppler around all over the place.

did anyone end up saying Isn’t Anything > Loveless?

Because I’d have enjoyed working that angle for a few posts

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16 people in the album poll. Hiding behind their avatars though, aren’t they?

You know what? There is a case to be made

The more I got into MBV, the more there’s a case for all of em

I always find tracks 2, 3 and 4 a slog on Loveless before it picks up in the middle section.

First this thread gives me Silver Sun covering MBV, then I get MBV covering Wire!?! With this thread you are really spoiling me

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This is wonderful, I’d only really known them for Single Girl and Ladykillers and remember being really surprised by this side of them.


My local indie disco, the Pink Toothbrush in Rayleigh, always used to play it then mix in that middle bit of Led Zeps Whole Lotta Love with Robert Plants sex noise moaning over the middle bit of You Made Me Realise. Is that a crap description? It did kind of work.
When that song kicks back into the main riff it’s so precise and brutal, just amazing even now.


Loveless is 5

Isn’t Anything and MBV both shit from what I remember