🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 My Bloody Valentine

Was buying tickets to see them around the m b v release and asked my mate if he wanted a ticket, “yeah sure” he said. Turns out he thought I said “bullet for my valentine” and asked me to sell his.



Found out this week that they have their own range of mead, made by one of our suppliers. I think I have to order it.


It’s a 4 from me. A bit patchy but good at their best.

Needless boast: my friend used to share a house with Kevin Shields.

Think I’ve told this before, not long after I got loveless, I was listening to it and my mum poked her head in my room to say ‘oh lovely, whale music’.


:honey_pot: power is probably their best song

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I think hearing Sometimes for the first time was as close to a religious experience as music has provided me.

I can’t say they’re my favourite band or anything - I don’t think I’ve listened to much aside from Loveless, but on the strength of that I’m more than happy to give them a five.

Saw them in Hammersmith whenever they last toured I guess, didn’t have anyone to go with so just stood on my own and soaked it in, the ending was definitely an experience… I remember the guy who played Patrick in Coupling was stood quite close to me and for some reason didn’t have ear protection (they were being handed out on the door if you didn’t have your own) and was basically doubled over with his hands over his ears by the climax.


Loveless is one of those records which genuinely re-wired the way my brain responds to music and sound.

It’s a 5 for that.


Abstain, aware of them, but never listened to an album.

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Pretty good. Started a genre I love so it’s a 5


No matter how many times I try to listen to Loveless, nothing ever grabs me the same as the first time I heard Paint a Rainbow (on a Rough Trade indie pop compilation in about 2005)



Also I prefer this to the original

Tricky one because they are both really good and ever so slightly overrated. I really admire their two good albums and some of the eps are great but I’ve never really had the emotional reaction to their music that lots of people have. Gone for a 4.


4 I think, Loveless is great, Isn’t Anything is good and m b v sounds like another band doing an impression of them. Saw them when they first got back together and it was very good.


5 should never play outdoor festivals. The sound at Primavera was terrible due to the wind.

Started off hating loveless. Actively hating it. I think the problem for me, growing up in the cassette era, is that the melting warbling guitars sound exactly like what happens when you leave your favourite Cure tapes in direct sunlight or too near the magnet of the speaker cone or whatever and teenage me associates that melting quality with sadness and rage at another favourite ruined.

Took me a long time to get over this but when I did I realised it’s wonderful.


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That may be the best thing I’ve heard MBV do :open_mouth:

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For the people desperate to tell us that they’re overrated - is this having an impact on your score?