🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 My Chemical Romance

A lot of people saying 2 despite being positive about some tracks though.

MCR could do Desolation Row but Bob Dylan could never do The Black Parade :metal:


The one in my school once told us that his Nan had a house that was on Sydney Harbour Bridge, a landmark that visibly and demonstrably doesn’t have a house on it.


I suppose, for a brief moment, that it did.


Going to be honest here, ‘I’m Not Okay’ is a fucking banger, 100%.

After that I could only sing you the title track from The Black Parade though. Looked up the singles from that album and I could not hum a note, even though I heard them daily on MTV. That’s not a good sign.

You must know Teenagers?

Just had a listen there for the first time in thirteen years I’d say. I know it but could not have recalled it in a million years.

Not on the Black Parade


Slipknot!!! The other one was Slipknot. I’m p sure I was in Slipknot or Limpbizkit.


i would fucking love to hear him try though :grimacing: :laughing:


Bet he could

They said he could never do “Here Comes Santa Claus” too


you do make a damn good point :grinning:

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Don’t encourage him. He reads the boards you know.

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*reeeeeeyds theerrr beeeerrds yeeer kneeeew

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life ambition: go on a long car journey with some of the DiS emo crew and listen to hours and hours of top quality emo while screaming along joyfully

Emo clicks with a lot of teenagers cos emo is over the top and melodramatic, and when you’re a teenager EVERYTHING IN LIFE is over the top and melodramatic.

The Black Parade was taking emo and dialling it up to 11 by crossblending with Queen, who were an ott theatrical band already. End result was pushing the emo genre as far as it could’ve ever gone, as melodramatic and ott as was possible, ergo it killed emo as a commercially successful movement.

No surprise that so many teenagers really connected with them.



Does it sound as Quo as 30 seconds into this?


and basically any old blues/rock n roll song?

never heard of Helena until they announced their reunion last year or whenever it was and everyone was talking about this song all of a sudden like it was the most famous thing they’ve ever done. not entirely convinced it actually exists.

teenagers is an acdc song