💯 🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 💯 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Maybe Sonic Youth and Bowie?


All but two albums have received a vote as well, and one of those two is the covers album (sad that the other is The Firstborn is Dead though, that’s a favourite of mine. How has even Nocturama beaten it??)

And low would be a shout too

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Someone’s been taking the piss in the voting there

PJ Harvey! Would be a good HGATR actually. No real consensus on a best album

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Realise now this was probably a rhetorical question…

4.17 - July 2019.

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Fuck sake.

(Thanks for doing these btw, always look forward to them)


This is going on at the moment too in case you missed it

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‘Firstborn…’ is his most underrated album for me. ‘Tupelo’ is a stone cold cave classic, ‘Wanted Man’ is the best cover he ever did, ‘train long suffering’, ‘little girl tree’, ‘knockin’ on Joe’ are brilliant songs too. Think I read he wrote it on a busted organ over a short period of time so all the songs are in the same key. Dunno if it’s anything to do with it but I find that album has a really cohesive sound that you don’t often get with many of his albums. Suppose the really stripped down line up would have something to do with that too (Mick, blixa, and Barry are excellent on this).


Gave it a relisten today… absolutely brilliant record.
Knockin’ On Joe is stunning.

or Nocturama’s the only album of his that I particularly enjoy. Thanks for asking.

edit: think @kallgeese might be on the wind-up, though

This is true.


Didn’t really get into them until The Good Son. I was aware of The Birthday Party but thought they were a bit try hard. But the bar I was working in in Sydney had the good son on repeat so I got really into them and never looked back.


Also Bjork & Radiohead certainly, Dylan & Springsteen arguably.

Definitely a 5. Had and enjoyed the Best Of for a number of years without investigating further then bought Lyre…, loved it but still didn’t delve further. Think I was a bit overwhelmed by amount of his music for a while but then, Skeleton Tree- wow! Finally went back and much of his/their work is incredible. Still some 80’s stuff to get into and haven’t heard Nocturama as I’d been put off it from what I’d read. Are there any diamonds worth mining from that album?



Sigur Ros
Blink 182
The Flaming Lips

Very strong case:
Trail of the Dead

Strong case exists despite reading as a hot take

I’m thinknig there’s a case for Wilco and Pedro the Lion too but I haven’t gotten around to each of their albums yet.

Interesting crossover with the “would make a good HGATR thread” crowd right there


Well OK, if that’s genuinely your opinion I’m sorry I cast doubt on it. Find it hard to wrap my head around all the “it’s not so bad actually 3/5” takes above cos I hate it (babe I’m on fire excepted) so much.

But then loads of people happily eat salt and vinegar crisps so :man_shrugging: