🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Nirvana

Love the fuzzy clicks in Krist’s bass line on Breed.

Really love Thou’s takes on Nirvana songs. Reckon their version of Milk It on the In Utero sequel is better than the original (don’t @ me)




The HIRS collective side of the split with Thou is great also for a high energy run through of not so obvious nirvana tunes. (Aneurysm is particularly great) cut with some audio from live tonight sold out.

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way to make me feel old :sob:

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other: Dive

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I was 14 when Nevermind came out and along with Pearl Jam’s Ten, they are the two most important records in shaping what I listen to even now. Don’t really ever want to hear Smells Like Teen Spirit again, y’know, but that’s because it’s almost become Living On A Prayer/Sweet Child of Mine/Summer of 69 wedding heritage rock, not because it is bad. 5/5.

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Nevermind was the first album I learned to play on the drums and will always be a big injection of nostalgia directly into my veins.

Went with 4

In the spirit of HGATR I do wonder HGATR it is impossible for me to separate them from the nostalgia, they were the first band I heard that sounded like that, introduced me to a whole subculture, I think his death inevitable imbued weight into their work that might not have been felt otherwise, and then their is the music press/world’s constant mythologising of him. If it was possible to isolate them, imagine hearing them now for the first time devoid of context with my current tastes intact, asked HGATR I’d say 4

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Absolute 5/5 for me, Clive. Sounds very precious but I’ve only just recently been able to listen to Nirvana again as I was so heavily into it throughout my teenage high-school and college years and it’s hard listening to them without taking me back to the useless little prick I was back then.

Whatever the thoughts on ‘grunge’ and ‘slackers’ it turned me on to so many left-wing issues (homophobia, sexism, racism etc) and it’s only as the years have gone by I realise just how much it shaped my worldview.

I also did my very first sex while listening to Bleach. (“Twenty-eight I was”, etc…)


love the idea that your answer to the question ‘describe your first time using only one word’ could be ‘bleach’

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One thing I find depressing is that I totally agree with that, nirvana weren’t just about the music, they genuinely seemed moral, and I felt that people into that scene were likely to be more decent people than average. 25 years later and I see friends who I made through music drift into the realms of ‘anti-sjw’ I realise I was mistaken at how widespread that message was recieved


training-day ice-breakers have got even more uncomfortable


i liked the smiley face logo
which bands have good logos nowadays?

All the black metal ones.

Always felt that Gorillaz’s one summed up the whole aesthetic of what they’re doing really well.

I was about 8-9 when Nirvana were really big and I HAAAATED them, thought they were awful. Rolled my eyes when Kurt died, etc. Too busy dreaming about marrying Mark Owen or whatever

Felt really bad a few years later when I properly got into grunge and realised he was a genius and the other two were a GBOL :sob: my friend at school was completely obsessed and I remember we went to the nirvana photography exhibition in London which was really cool

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Party Cannon



obligatory shout out to party cannon