🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Oasis

Right then, let’s do this shall we. If only to get @barleysugar through the day.

First, here’s the table after a low score for Jay-Z

Artist Rating
Aretha Franklin 4.64
David Bowie 4.31
The Cure 4.28
Stevie Wonder 4.17
Nirvana 4.15
Radiohead 4.13
The Supremes 4.13
Kate Bush 4.07
OutKast 4.07
Portishead 4.03
Joni Mitchell 3.89
Bruce Springsteen 3.84
Blondie 3.73
ABBA 3.66
Kanye West 3.65
Beyoncé 3.54
Bob Marley & The Wailers 3.48
Jay-Z 3.14
The Rolling Stones 3.09
The Strokes 3.03
Girls Aloud 2.93
Britney Spears 2.85

And now let’s move on to Oasis

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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  • Definitely Maybe
  • (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?
  • Be Here Now
  • The Masterplan
  • Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants
  • Heathen Chemistry
  • Don’t Believe The Truth
  • Dig Out Your Soul

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  • Supersonic
  • Shakermaker
  • Live Forever
  • Cigarettes & Alcohol
  • Whatever
  • Some Might Say
  • Roll With It
  • Wonderwall
  • Don’t Look Back In Anger
  • D’You Know What I Mean?
  • Stand By Me
  • All Around The World
  • Go Let It Out
  • Who Feels Love?
  • Sunday Morning Call
  • The Hindu Times
  • Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  • Little By Little/She Is Love
  • Songbird
  • Lyla
  • The Importance Of Being Idle
  • Let There Be Love
  • Lord Don’t Slow Me Down
  • The Shock Of The Lightning
  • I’m Outta Time
  • Falling Down

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Shit. 1


1/5. Absolute shite. Fine if all you’d heard before was Radio 1 and yer da’s Status Quo tapes in the car but otherwise no excuse.


Fully expect a low score and a bit of a kicking for Oasis in this thread, and maybe there’s a bit of me that thinks they deserve it, their later output and them as people probably justify a 1 or 2. But…

In my primary school we used to have this thing every week where we’d be played a tape of a kind of news report, digesting all the stories kids of 10 and 11 might be interested in. One week there was this bit about a battle for the top of the charts and they played the songs. 10 year old me was very quickly obsessed with them both (still got both the cassette singles somewhere) but especially Roll With It. My mate’s older brother made me a tape of Parklife and Definitely Maybe and that was it. Hooked. Definitely Maybe, Morning Glory and to a lesser extent Be Here Now (as a 12/13 year old, 9 minutes is a fucking long time to sit through one song, and I wasnt clued up onto the effects of cocaine use on quality control) absolutely got me into music, made me aware of the passion and obsessions that can go alongside it and soundtracked my early teenage years like no other band. They played Plymouth and Exeter a couple of times and I sat listening to the engaged tone for about 4 hours each time to no avail (finally saw them in 2005 in Cardiff and they were not good).

Then SOTSOG came out and that was the end of it really, the first time I was disappointed or a bit let down by a band. From there I started getting into other stuff and Oasis took more and more of a back seat. Nowadays they probably wouldn’t come anywhere near my top 10. But they are the reason I like music to the extent I do, and those first two records, The Masterplan, and a bit of Be Here Now, are still fucking brilliant (I’ll fight about that last one) and 11 year old me would never forgive any other score. It has to be a 5.


hands down the best thing they ever released




I went with 2. I mean they were important to me as a student but I never ever play any of their stuff or want to. But they get a 2 for those times one of their early good tracks comes on in my head radio.

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2.5/5 probably (rounded down to 2/5), but some very good singles in there

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Also it’s not in the poll cause it was a b-side but Stay Young is my favourite Oasis song. Or Slide Away.


Oasis are legitimately a band where you could do a b-side poll.


Did they get lawsuited for cigarettes and alcohol because its one of the most blatant bits of theft in music ever

A few decent tracks early on but they annoyed the absolute fucking piss out of me.

I was 12 when Definitely Maybe came out, and I think they were the first band that I latched on to that had nothing to do with my parents. At the time, I loved Definitely Maybe and then Morning Glory. Couldn’t imagine anything more exciting

By the time Be Here Now came out I’d already started moving on to other things, which was handy because everything from that point onwards was complete shit, to the point where it kind of ruined their early stuff.

Occasionally I hear one of those very early singles and think “Oh, this isn’t terrible.” Still not great though, is it?

2/5, and if I’m honest with myself that’s probably based on nostalgia.


A massive number 2


Think Jive Bunny was the thing when I was ten!

I’d never really thought of Oasis appealing to such young kids but I guess at that age whatever is in the charts takes hold and also they have that chanty singalong element so I guess it makes sense.


Was just a big departure from Take That on the radio and tapes of musicals in the car tbh.


They’re alright. Better than your radioheads


Weird now just how big they were, to an extent that I don’t think any band in the UK has been since (and maybe since the internet, won’t be again). Felt like everyone knew every one of their songs for those first two/three albums and B-sides, and they permeated through everything - the music papers, the tabloid press, the 10 o’clock news, top of the pops, all radio.

I was too young to go at the time, but I remember it felt like everyone I knew who was 15-30 went off to see them at Loch Lomond in '96 (think that was the week before Knebworth or something like that). Wasn’t there some bonkers stat about Knebworth that like 5% of the population tried to get tickets?

As stated above, Columbia is still great.