🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 OutKast

Agree with most of these suggestions, kanye, PE and wu. I think I only listened to DAMN about 3 times though. I was really disappointed as I love his other albums. Maybe I’ll have to give it another go. Also think Doom did 3 too out of Doomsday, Madvillainy, take me to your leader and Vaudeville Villain

Absolutely ridiculous. But cheating!

I’d genuinely bump it up to a 4-runner with Southern on the beginning which makes it even more untouchable. The only other classic 4-run I can think of is 3 Feet High and Rising to Stakes is High

I’d also punt for (3s):
Whut? Thee Album to Muddy Waters (Redman)
All Hail to the Queen to Black Reign (Queen Latifah)
Daily Operation to Moment of Truth (Gang Starr)

There’s a whole other subthread in whether the early Wu solo albums from RZA’s hot streak should be counted alongside the Wu-Tang albums in one body of work and if so, how long that hot streak is

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Was going to mention gang starr


Could stretch that to a 4-run with Step In the Arena quite happily

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I think you’re doing fun wrong :slight_smile:


Was hunting for some vinyl to get for my brothers birthday cause he got a turntable. Found hard to earn but it was £35 so fuck him, frankly

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fun. are about 1/5 though


The Black Friday thing where him and J Cole swapped beats is always the one that blows my mind

He absolutely fucking annihilates it


We were chucking a few of these about in another thread…

Gang Starr for me - could lose first or last depending on taste (I’d personally lose Moment of Truth due to K-Ci and Jojo).

Step in the Arena, Daily Operation, Hard to Earn, Moment of Truth

Think starting at Paul’s Boutique so it takes you up to Ill Communication is a much stronger three album run.


is there a story behind why you hate these guys so much that you’d drop a Gang Starr solo LP off a list for them?

Deffo :+1:

Would probably include Hello Nasty in that run as well tbh tbf…

I know it’s actually his track but the 2nd half of feel is probs my favourite kendrick technical showpiece

Sorry for the tangent

You will be…

I already am, actually

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this is why I love good, constructive musical discussion on DiS. Talking about OutKast leads to talking about consistent albums runs leads to me discovering a mid-90s golden era Wu-Tang song I’d never heard before

next time I have an evening off I’m going to drink a bottle of wine and go through the RZA and Erick Sermon production discographies on Wikipedia (edit: to check out all of the stuff I’ve never heard. not just to read the wiki)


But srsly, 1:40ish onwards is just stupidly good. Love how he can pick up different vocal rhythms so easily over the same bassline

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Ah, was just being a bit silly. HOWEVER there is a bit of a soft edge to that album which I don’t really love, especially after Premier’s approach to Hard To Earn and being influenced by people like Black Moon. She Knowz What She Wantz, Royalty, In Memory Of…, Moment of Truth. Shouldn’t single K-Ci and JoJo out, but that’s the track that sticks out most. Yes - I am a miserable f**ker.

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Kendrick is ridiculously good sometimes.

his verse on this…

someone ought to sit him down and have a word because even when he’s guesting on remixes of his mates songs he still shits on everyone