🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 OutKast

Without necessarily hitting the same heights, Tronic > Album of the Year > No Poison No Paradise > If There’s A Hell Below from Black Milk is an absurdly consistent run IMO

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Im gonna do a #hottake

Not better run but another amazing run
Cypress Hill -> Black Sunday -> Temple Of Boom


Just listening to ATLiens after this thread. Enjoying it :+1: Appreciate that others will probably have more nuanced opinions but am glad for this thread as I’d not listened to Outkast for years.


Can I just say again that most of this thread has been absolute gold and really interesting. I’ll be going through it again to properly educate myself on some new hip hop. Exactly what these things are meant to be.


it’s nice chatting about rap and that with your internet pals isn’t it


Massive this to Redman and De La.

36 Chambers, Forever and The W; Ironman, Supreme Clientele, Bulletproof Wallets (yes Bulletproof Wallets!)

Operation Doomsday, Take Me to Your Leader, Vaudeville Villain

Don’t think any of these can quite touch Outkast though. Combined solo and group Wu Tang is the only thing that could


Just listening to this for the first time (I’ll come back to ATLiens).

First impression is how well it arrests you from pretty much the first bar of the first verse. Just grabs your attention brilliantly.

I guess as a teenager I bought into the idea that you were either into indie or metal or hip-hop or whatever, and I guess I’ve never really properly explored some of the biggest and best names of the genre. Exception would be the likes of Jurassic 5, Blackalicious etc… but then I think those acts were (to an extent) marketed differently.

Anyway I’m not sure where I’m going with other than there’s probably a hell of a lot more I could make the effort to listen to and would enjoy a lot.


It’s the absolute greatest. Fairly jealous of you listening to it for the first time tbh, and remember having pretty much the identical reaction.

ATLiens absolutely kills too - you’re in for quite the evening!

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so much this

We did a thread a while back which is a good way to dig deeper. The second post outlines a whole bunch of rap recommendations from different DiS users

Needs resurrecting tbh, I’ve been meaning to dig deep on 8-Ball & MJG since @incandenza made the pick, still have the tab open on my browser. time eh


Think Miss Jackson put me off them for life

no stress :pray: the recommendation is enough. those guys are a blank spot in my rap landscape other than Three 6 collabs

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that Gucci Mane Stoopid / Costa Del Sol remix is absolutely unbelievable

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Ms Jackson is a strong contender for best rap/pop crossover ever. Perfectly crafted


Mad that we’ve not really discussed So Fresh, So Clean which would be the biggest banger by nearly any other group.


Like the song a lot but the Anne Frank line ruins it for me frankly :neutral_face:

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I don’t think it would get close to my top 30 OutKast songs. which is mad. It’s easily the equal of a song like, say, I Got 5 On It, which has been big enough to prop up Luniz in the rap canon


Love you xylo

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Shine blockers yeeeeeessssss