🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Pavement

Pavement, The Beatles and Weezer were the big triumvate of bands for me in my late teens and The Beatles are oddly the one I never listen to anymore.


At least Weezer had the dignity to call it quits after 2 records.


A great big 5. S&E is such a wonderful album, sounds like they had the time of their lives making it even though they couldn’t really sing or play their instruments. Don’t come back to the others nearly as much but they’re all really good as well.

Big band in my youth and although I don’t go back to them that much it is always a joy when I do.
I went with S&E but honestly love all the albums.

My loathing of Pavement is a reassuring constant in an ever-changing, disorientating world. Loathe them, loathe them, loathe them.


I really got into pavement around the time of my A levels. My family was falling apart around me, and the first thing I did when we moved into our new house because we’d lost the one I grew up in was lie in my room surrounded by boxes and listen to S&E. They were an escape for me, one that has been with me since then. They encapsulate their time in such an evocative way that their music feels to me now, as an adult in a world falling apart, like a historical document from when hope, or at least being apathetically okay with things, was possible. Their music exists in a bittersweet golden glow. Beneath the ramshackle larking there’s so much odd, unmoored sadness. 5, and better than the Beatles


Used to absolutely love them but they are just not one of those bands i ever reach for these days. Seeing them at one of their last shows in '99 was stuck in my head as one of my favourite gigs but when they did those comeback gigs in london they absolutely pissed all over that memory. Phoned in bullshit. One of the worst big gigs i have been to.

They’re alright i guess. Dunno how to score.

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so, so glad I decided to give the reunion shows a miss. They were great fun live first time around.

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Never listened to them. Abstain/5

Yeah, my general rule of reunions is not to bother if i saw a band the first time round unless something stellar has been released in the interim. Dunno why i broke it for this but i sure was stupid.

You’re right - they were so much fun- think i saw them at their 2nd to last gig and it was glorious. You couldn’t tell they were about to split a couple of days later.

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Has he done something terrible? :grimacing:

They’re good, but probably not quite 5 good.

I do not like pavement / 5

Artificially bumped up the score because Steve is good at guitar and was involved in the Silver Jews. I’ve never been able to figure out why people still go on about this band

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Solid 4/5 band. Glad I saw them live on the reunion tour, but they weren’t amazing.


Tied favourite band of all time. Was utterly obsessed with them when I was a teenager/early 20s.

They were the first band that felt like ‘mine’ until I got a pal into them and we’d sing their songs by heart when hanging out stoned.

When they announced those reformation shows in 2010, it was one of the most euphoric rushes of excitement. Like Christmas morning as a kid. Not really felt anything like that since.

So obviously 5

Edit: so many special memories tied to this band now I think about it more. Just the best


saw them a couple of times on the brighten the corners tour. Excellent both times.

At V97 they kept being attacked by a wasp and running away. Very very empathetic with this.


Very easy 5. Every modern indie band owes a debt to pavement, plus the associated bands are also ace - jicks, silver Jews.

Would the Pumpkins have ever made the big time without the call-out in range life?


I wondered this, but suspect Theo just really really hates hit the plane down


I saw them at the reunion and then saw Malkmus & Jicks not that long after - SM&J was the better show

In my opinion, Pavement are “fine”

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