🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Pink Floyd

Also my old managing partner fucking loved them, as a man of a certain age who’s been living in Cambridge since he was 18. One of the most excruciating interactions with another human being I’ve ever had was, a week after I’d worn a Mogwai t-shirt on dress down Friday, he excitedly said “look at this” in the communal kitchen and started taking off his jumper to show me the faded Pink Floyd t-shirt he was wearing underneath it.

Except he fucked it and ended up half stripping off. Made terrified eye contact with the only other person in the kitchen while this was happening and his jumper and t-shirt were over his head, which was at least a bonding moment.


So shit that even the Scissor Sisters improved one of their songs


Gone with a 3/5. Have a lot of time for DSOTM, WYWH and Division Bell, a bit of time for The Wall and that’s it. One of my dad’s favourite bands so had a lot of exposure to the growing up. Wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to them mind. Momentary Lapse of Reason is a good live album mind.

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Is the the one with Guy wossname on bass instead of Roger Waters? Whatever live album that is, he overplays horrifically through most of it. Cheeky bit of slap bass in parts. Hideous.

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Bet he was expensive!


Had a few minutes for a playlist. Have mostly focussed on stuff people are less likely to have heard (they would be a 3 from me if it was all on a par with Another Brick In The Wall and Money tbh). The caveat is that I assume everyone has heard Dark Side… so just went for my favourite track. One track per album, and a couple of Roger Water’s solo bits at the end…

  1. At their best, they were game changers. DSOTM and WYWH I am thinking of really. Lots of dross later on in their career and I get why people don’t like them.

Was going to give them a 1 but upped it to a 2 as Dark Side of the Moon and some of the psych stuff is OK. I hate everything they stand for and their Mojo-ness.

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The absolute dullest person I’ve ever met was a massive Pink Floyd fan, it was one of only two things* I ever heard him talk about. One of those people who likened listening to them to taking loads of drugs even though he’d clearly never taken any drugs and wad never likely too. I could never decide if Pink Floyd was what made him boring or if they were merely an amplifier of his pre-existing dullness but either way I didn’t want to take the risk, so I’ve never listened to a Pink Floyd album and don’t ever plan on doing so. Clutch do an absolutely banging cover of Money though. Abstain/5.

*his other interest was golf


More singles would have been nice. I like the early psychedelic stuff - although there were others at the time doing more exciting stuff - and who doesn’t like a bit of Dark Side from time to time? Another Brick in the Wall is decent too. Otherwise, I ain’t bothered at all.

Hilariously, the name I blanked on there was “Pratt”. And no, I’m thinking of Pulse.

4 minutes 58 seconds into that is eye-watering.

No idea, I’m probably viewing it through rose tinted glasses. Nostalgia eh. But I’m not a basist so… Has a guy wearing a jacket with lightbulbs on it on the cover.

No bonus points for inspiring Muse album art?

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don’t be so hard on yourself Funkhouser :smiley:

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My dad and his mates used to get stoned, put Floyd on and tell me why they were such a great band at length when I was a kid. ‘No one can make a guitar sing like Gilmore!’ they’d tell me. Making a guitar sing seems to means playing a solo quite slowly.

Strangely this didn’t endear me to them.

But I don’t hate them either. Quite like some of the hits. Sometimes when I’m in my old man’s local after everyone has had a few I’ll pop Comfortably Numb on the jukebox and a big singalong will kick off. There’s something poignant about a bunch of old dudes passionately singing, “the child is grown/the dream is gone/I have become comfortably numb”, facing their mortality and weighing the cost of all their wasted years and dreams gone unfulfilled. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Not sure how to put a numerical value on that though. 3 I guess?


I saw Guy Wossname (no idea what his name is either, like not even an inkling) do a sort of standup/anecdote type set at Glastonbury because it was raining and he was in a tent. You know what? It was quite good.

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See also: Clapton, Eric.


Dark side of the moon is actually a fantastic well thought out album with some great lyrics and a good mixture of virtuosity and restraint, beautiful production too.


I still put the Live 8 gig on occasionally


Pretentious prog rock cack beloved of blokes with bushy beards who smoke pipes and pontificate pretentiously.


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