🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Portishead


4 on 5 for me.

The whole ‘trip hop’ thing got my back up a bit. Reminded me a bit of people using the term ‘intelligent’ drum and bass, as though it somehow transcended jungle music. Portishead were amazing though. Great live show. Loved it when they had Andy Smith doing all the cuts.

Listening to Dummy now. Has aged really well. Love how dusty it sounds.


Wow. Not heard ‘It’s a Fire’ before.

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Alright Gareth from Los Campesinos.


Gosh, i forgot how outstanding Third actually is too. I was correct to allocate 5 points to them.


Got up their back as well tbf


Had a proper relisten today. Def order for me. Third > dummy > s/t

I love how timesless Third is


Didn’t know this existed?!



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It does exist, right?


Haven’t looksed it up but will do


Yeah, it does. Guess this is what i was thinking of


Won’t be as good as the original though.


Just saw/heard this used on a piece on Newsnight.

Coincidence :interrobang:


I’d really like a new album but ending on third is almost too good to risk spoiling it

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