🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Prince

Ooh, 4.11. Interesting.

Last week a friend came over and we watched Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ve never been a massive Queen fan, though I obviously like some of the hits etc.

My friend declared “I honestly think Queen are the best band ever” and she was met with silence. The fact you guys rated them second bottom gives me strength!

Just showed the wife the current standings. She loves Queen. She hates you all


The Band?

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The Weight alone is worth a 5

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The Weezer cover is better


so in addition to being an avowed midget and daily mail enthusiast he’s also a woman beater and body shamer. interesting, did not know.

Don’t really get what ‘avowed midget’ is meant to mean in relation to the other things.


Yeah it’s also not a term that’s looked on nicely by members of that community.


you know i’ve read so many articles in like NME and stuff where he’s described as a “genius pop midget” or something that it never occurred to me to interrogate why that’s not okay. yeah fair enough, sorry to anyone offended. gonna stick with the woman beater tag tho, cos he is one.

just reading about that now actually and almost every article strongly emphasises that sinead has had several breakdowns and long term MH problems, with the implication being we can’t trust her story as a result. many of them also make a point of juxtaposing an image of him looking pouty and buff in some ridiculous 80s photoshoot with her looking worn out and worse for wear during her low periods. how gross. what a piece of shit.


Still gets a 5 though.

Yeah but he’s FUNKY so it doesn’t matter if he beats women. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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Voted 5, would reappraise.


I think it’s a very personal thing about whether you see someone as ‘cancelled’ or whatever after facts or allegations surface about an artist you’re a fan of. Comes down to how comfortable you feel listening to them I guess, despite or as well as the moral implications. Nobody is going to listen to Prince and then condone violence towards women or anything (nobody on here anyway), but you might still be ok with listening to his records, you might not, it’s a very individual choice. As Avery said, I voted 5 but would almost definitely reappraise after this thread.


Yep, totally get that and I don’t want to be judgey. It’s easy for me because I can’t stand Prince’s music and have always found him creepy.

It only burns my butter when people mark others down for it but not precious Prince. It shouldn’t work that way imho.



Haven’t seen any obvious examples of people “marking others down for it but not precious Prince”, and least not anyone who knew about it before this thread (it was the first time I’d heard about it for sure).

Ok yeah, feeling bad about voting 5 now. Would have definitely reconsidered if I’d known :frowning:

Said I don’t want to be judgey, not that I wasn’t being.

It happened in the Hendrix thread and I was too late to change my vote there.

God I’m boring myself with this.

Stevie Wonder is still good right?