🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 - Radiohead

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Probably just gonna vote 4 for everyone.

Once went through like a month of getting right into OK Computer in my late teens. But I also did the same with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so I was basically just an idiot at that time.


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Stealing your thunder. Deck 'im


Imagine a person with a radio for a head though! How weird would that be!

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Haha, yeah!

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Not sure about the etiquette of this, Jordo


I’d you didn’t like the thing that they were saying you could just retune them so they would be saying something else


I will not be voting in this cheap knock off thread.

For shame, J-numbers. For shame.


Yeah it’s kind of put me off doing it now tbh.

High and Dry is TERRIBLE

@moderators not sure what the etiquette is here, but I vote to bin this off (your call though)

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Don’t be deterred :slight_smile:

Get it in the bin. Support official Funkhouser branded threads. Accept no substitutes.

  • Close the thread and call Jordan a dickhead
  • Don’t close the thread, but Jordan is still a dickhead.

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You could turn the knob to white noise and then say ‘he’s like a detuned radio’ ha ha.

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The people have spoken!

Jordan, you’re a dickhead.

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