🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Radiohead


Here we go then. It was bound to happen at some point so why not now?

Here’s the table, and a genuinely surprising 4.07 for OutKast

Artist Rating
David Bowie 4.31
Nirvana 4.15
The Supremes 4.13
OutKast 4.07
Kate Bush 4.07
Beyoncé 3.54
Bob Marley & The Wailers 3.48

So let’s do it shall we. HGATR: Radiohead

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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Also, I’m going to do polls for albums and singles as usual, and the top 3 voted singles will go on the Spotify playlist, along with 2 other songs discussed in the thread, so feel free to state your case for why your favourite should be included. Now let’s all play nicely shall we.


Best album. Let’s settle this once and for all

  • Pablo Honey
  • The Bends
  • OK Computer
  • Kid A
  • Amnesiac
  • I Might Be Wrong
  • Hail To The Thief
  • In Rainbows
  • The King Of Limbs
  • A Moon Shaped Pool

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5, cheers


Best single

  • Creep
  • Anyone Can Play Guitar
  • My Iron Lung
  • High And Dry/Planet Telex
  • Fake Plastic Trees
  • Just
  • Street Spirit
  • Paranoid Android
  • Karma Police
  • Lucky
  • No Surprises
  • Pyramid Song
  • Knives Out
  • There There
  • Go To Sleep
  • 2+2=5
  • Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  • Nude
  • Reckoner
  • Lotus Flower
  • The Daily Mail
  • Burn The Witch
  • Daydreaming

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5 - my favourite band of all time. Ok Comupter and Kid A are both top 10 of all time for me. And the latter was also a hugely important avenue into electronica for me.




:open_mouth: SHENNNANIGANS

Radiohead then. I love In Rainbows and Ok Computer. Never really got into their other albums. 4/5

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Should we move this to the Radiohead forum?


They’re probably the best of all the bands

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Not as good as Friends


My favourite band.

All of the albums are a minimum of 8/10 except Pablo Honey. Yes, King of Limbs is an 8/10

Kid A, Amnesiac, In Rainbows and OK Computer are all on a par for me.

I love them, I love Thom Yorke’s solo stuff, I love Colin Greenwood’s aura. Best band


They’re honestly okay. A bit lame though.


OK Computer is pretty bad


And I always call it OK Cupid by mistake - annoying.


Pretty good. Don’t often feel a need to revisit them. Think I got into them too late, after my instinctive love for things teenage stage, more into my 20-something wanting to appreciate things more intellectually stage, when much less stuff stuck.


Also damn you funkhouser I’m not gonna be able to join in on this one as much as I’d like to.

Weird Fishes should be on the playlist, it is genius and one of the best songs ever written. As I’ve said before I can’t articulate my thoughts on music (or most anything) so you’ll just have to trust me.


I don’t think I’ve deliberately listened to Radiohead in 2 years or more.

loved kid a a lot.


Pablo Honey - 2
The Bends - 3
Ok Computer - 4
Kid A - 4
Amnesiac - 3
Hail to the Thief - 4
In Rainbows - 5
The King of Limbs - 2
A Moon Shaped Pool - 3


I don’t listen to them all that often and am largely over them now after my cliché period as a teenager and at uni where all I’d talk about and listen to was them.

But, they’re objectively fucking brilliant. In Rainbows will always have a place in my top 10, it’s near enough a perfect album. 5/5, cheers.

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