🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Radiohead


Listened to the other disc of OKC last night.

Man of War is an incredible track and if only the studio hadn’t cared about possible Oscars it would have meant there was one single good thing about the absolute shitshow that was Spectre.


A rare example of one of their ‘lost tracks’ whose studio recording more than lives up to the various bootlegs we’ve had for years. It sounds made for Bond too.

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Tbf I think Spectre is a great track too but it’s no Bond theme really

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‘some fucking people…’

i was a bit less into the studio version as the one i most familiar with before was the aborted recording attempt on Meeting People Is Easy which is so scuzzy and great


Got a new pair of headphones recently and going through all the cliched “headphone albums” to test them out, I realised I’d never checked out OKNOTOK. Blew me away - the enduring quality of the album itself as much as the remaster, which strikes me as fairly subtle (how are you going to improve on the original, really?). Amazing how well the album has aged/how forward-looking it was.

I loved it at the time but dropped off when Kid A came out because I was an ignorant 17-year-old. Working my way back into the rest of their catalogue starting with In Rainbows, what a treat


A Moon Shaped Pool sounds great on good headphones


Listening to Amnesiac rn

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