🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Razorlight

The vice is a very good song. Had forgotten they were the support for the Manics lifeblood tour.

Those songs were inescapable but then maybe its my fault for listening to virgin radio or whatever.

Music - 2. Don’t think they deserve the scorn or ridicule they get, some perfectly serviceable indie pop songs and Golden Touch and Somewhere Else are much better songs than most bands of their ilk could dream of writing

Hats - bump the scale to 100




And I met a girl
She asked me my name
I told her what it was

J-ONE-y Borrell


New bottom of the league, surely.

Fucking abysmal. Even at the height of living through and enjoying “this sort of thing” in the 00s I despised them.

“All my life, watching America” - Shut the fuck up, dickhead.


2/5. 1/5 the music + 1/5 for their unwavering support for Guillaume Kigbafori Soro.

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I still find it utterly bizarre that at the first Leeds Fest I went for the whole weekend, they headlined


Dinosaur Jr warming the stage for The Twang there


Probably 3, but bumped them up to 4 for a but of fun

Cant stand Golden Touch

Great festival for people who need to leave around 5pm each day.

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Just realised one of them is semi responsible for the dross in Life On The Road. Down to a 1

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Best of the three headliners somehow


There is some stuff competition out there but America might be the worst piece of music recorded so far.

Quite like Golden Touch and Stumble and Fall in a “probably utter shite but remind me of being a certain age before the world chained me to any responsibilities” kinda way, but I’d knock a point off any band for America.

So… A generous 2 for nostalgia minus a penalty point for America = a well earned 1

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Think i saw some of that set. My indie landfill ‘i was there’ moment

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And LCD on before Klaxons? That is a very of its time line up for sure.

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ho is razorlit?


I’ve never seen any of it anywhere, I’m surprised it exists

One semi-decent song, the epitome of what skinny white boys could achieve if they hung around with the right people in East London in the early 00s. Ground zero for Landfill Indie. A glitch in the matrix.

As much as I love John Earls/Planet Sound, I’ll never forget him giving their second album 9/10. If memory serves, I think he placed that album very high in his top 50 albums of the year list too.

That’s borderline unforgivable.

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one half decent-ish album, that was kinda shit even by the low standards of the Indie Rush of the 2005s, but by christ has it not aged well. and that also being said, everything else they did was dogshit.

i hope the rest of the band were able to save what they made on advances, and are living okay now though.

Borrel 1 is a masterpiece.