🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Robbie Williams

There’s a funny bit in the Chris Heath book Reveal (essential reading for anyone interested in Robbie btw) about She’s The One. Karl Wallinger off of World Party who wrote it has always been a bit weird about the cover, so Robbie likes to be a dickhead in response.

At one concert Robbie introduces the song as “the best song Guy Chambers and I ever wrote”. Karl Wallinger’s daughter is in the audience, she tells her dad, he blows up, sends a furious message telling Robbie to stop introducing the song like that. So Robbie starts introducing the song as “the 8th best song Guy Chambers and I ever wrote”.



already got it in the diary

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Hahaha, what the fuck

This sounds like it can only be utter, utter shit, can’t wait.

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I just don’t know what to believe any more…

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I was on a stag do at the weekend with the guy who plays Robbie.

And no, he was not a monkey.

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Jonno Davies?

Yup! I only found out afterwards about the Robbie thing, I would have asked lots of questions if I’d known. Especially if I’d known about the monkey part.


Fucking hell Bob

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Oh I cannot WAIT. Might rename myself TheBetterManMovie



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Has it been pushed back?? Fucks sake

He’s on this

It’s fucking awful but I don’t think that’s his fault.

He’s been in West Norfolk this weekend!

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God, this is embrassingly bad - such a shit band.

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Is that Cedric Bixler

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Looks identical