🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Robyn

Almost voted for Be Mine! on the strength of this dirty af remix alone

but went for WEH because it’s one of the best songs ever made.

Easy 5.
Easiest 5 of the entire series so far in fact.


also before this thread gets abandoned i need to post this

so great


also also! no ones mentioned that s/t is being reissued next weekend for RSD

well getting on that. managed to get the RSD body talk a couple of years ago coz piccadilly records received their lot of them a couple of days late, was well happy with that

oh shit, is that the same robyn? i had a CD single of Do You Really Want Me when it came out. never realized that was the robyn that everyone’s been talking about

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So yeah, I’m on the Robyn train (as far as the bangers are concerned anyway).

Apart from Dancing On My Own, Fembot is my favourite but Be Mine!, U Should Know Better (I actually can’t believe how enjoyable this is) and Human Being are great too. I have bought Body Talk.


I had a bit of a listen to her stuff the other day (with homeschooling and me being primary parent-in-the-room I don’t get much listening time) and I appreciated her stuff a lot more than when I last checked it out (probably 5 years ago or something).

Glad she got a good score.



Bit of a homage to Prince this one but that’s no bad thing imo.

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Thanks for the tip, just been listening to the album now. It’s good. Coconut Kiss and Ode To The Dancefloor also standing out on first play :+1:

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This episode of song exploder is interesting.

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