🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Slayer

That’s the only Machine Head album I’ve heard and The Blackening has been recommended by @TVDenimChap also I think so I’ll do that soon and thanks.

I’ve started back on the Fall Of Efrafa debut album today and I’ll listen for a week or so although I did listen to it about a month back but it kind of qualifies and I’m set on doing that next. Plus I’m really enjoying it and that will probably show in the write up. I feel the Machine Head is far from my best writing but that kind of reflects my take on the album probably, it’s good, just not super my thing.

I have heard Fudge Tunnel and seen them live late 80’s / early 90’s but I like your other suggestion a lot, never heard of Power Trip at all and that’s a perfect suggestion, thanks again. Will whack a link here when the time comes.


you are in for an absolute treat (and unlike machine head they carry on being good!)

Ah man i would have liked to have seen fudge tunnel, especially around then. They must have been pretty filthy. You a fan?

I don’t listen to much (if any) new thrash but i can’t deny that power trip album is a ripper

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Agree on Power Trip and wishing to have seen Fudge Tunnel!


Yes, I’m loving the organic feel and proper rage in the Fall Of Efrafa album, really good music.

I’m pretty sure they (Fudge Tunnel) were a support band at Edwards No. 8 in Brum but I momentarily forget the headline act. Not much of a fan but they were good I recall, didnt investigate hugely at all.

Looking forward to the Power Trip record and will feedback when I’ve listened. Perfect recommendation.

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Lifeless figures
They were undead all of them
They had ascended from hheeeellllll :guitar:

They definitely toured with Godflesh so maybe that? That would have been my dream double act at the time - I didn’t see them together but a mate did and he’s always keen to remind me of that fact.

Ahhh Edwards No 8 - saw NoMeansNo there on a random trip to Brum.

Yes probably a Godflesh gig as I would have gone to all their Brum shows around that time. I don’t have a log of it on my gig blog thing but I definitely saw them (Fudge Tunnel) as I can recall the singer making a joke with me about the floor PA for some reason.

Yes Edwards was a great venue, saw Fugazi there in November 89 with Visions of Change and when they dropped Blueprint which no one had heard before the venue was stunned then blew apart next track the tension from Blueprint was so palpable.

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Satan’s work is done


Fall of Efrafa debut album review / take, up now.

I’ll move onto Power Trip - Nightmare Logic next, more suggestions welcome.


You’ve sold me on this album.

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Listening to it now and have listened to it solidly this week. Looking forward to delving deeper with their other two albums that form this trilogy. It’s a fantastic record. Enjoy and hugely recommended.

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