🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Solange

Got a few great singles, but don’t really get her beyond those really. Probably can’t go higher than 2 atm

I didn’t mean her age!

4/5. Agree that SATT is better than WIGH, but WIGH does have ‘Stay Flo’ which could go on and on as far as I’m concerned.

The True EP is excellent as well as others have said and I genuinely think ‘Cranes in the Sky’ is one of the great modern songs, I get such a calm feeling of every time I hear the drums start. Wonderful.


Ah she should

I was at this and just thought it was stunning from beginning to end

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When I Get Home is amaaazzing, 5


Like it’s rare to a performer so in their zone it feels these days and her accompanying band being part of the show while still being incredibly tight was amazing - it’s what I imagine David Byrne’s shows to be like?

I also enjoyed the bit where she went into the crowd and found like the one or two only non white kids to sing don’t touch my hair with :smile:

Oh and, a 5 on the basis of the last two LPs and EP, obviously

Someone who I always enjoy whenever I listen to her, but don’t go back to enough. Like most on here, i’m only going on her last two too. Gonna give both another listen later. But at this stage, it’s probably a 4 from me.

And I know it’s not a competition between them, but I definitely prefer her to her sister. Well… her sisters solo stuff anyway. No one is touching Destiny’s Child. No no no no.


That one reverby chord at the end of the chorus is one of my favourite things ever recorded


A Seat at the table is maaaaybe my favourite record of the past 5 years. It’s a masterpiece imo. 5 for that alone


never get bored of this track.

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ASATT is fantastic. Haven’t been grabbed by the other albums so much, although the last one was sounded incredibly lush. Seen her a couple of times at Primavera and enjoyed the shows in a, “that was quite good, what’s next?” sort of way.

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Saw her at Glastonbury 2017 and it is in my top 3 gigs of all time. The design, the choreography, the tightness, the tunes, the sound, the crowd work. Love love loved it.

A Seat at the Table is a full-on masterpiece. No question in my mind. Could listen to Don’t You Wait a million times.
When I Get Home is one of those rare albums I can always put on at any time of day, no matter what mood I’m in and completely and utterly love. Think because of its sparseness, beautiful production and nebulous quality.

Yeah, she’s great.
Can’t wait for the next release.


Saw her at Lovebox around the same time, headlining one of the tents. Was so so good.

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I like some of her stuff, True has some great songs and ASATT is decent (although I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to; I found the last third much stronger than the rest - might need to listen again to assess it?).

I think my gut instinct is 3 for how I respond to it, but I’d like to hear more before committing to a score as I think objectively she’s probably a 4. Because numerical scores are objective, obv.

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So near, Solange


It’s a 5 from me, just for Seat At The Table and Losing You alone tbh. Fucking brilliant.


Solange, farewell
Auf wiedersehen adieu

(got it right the first time ffs)



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