🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Sonic Youth

That’s a bite size 5 minutes 28.


Getting ahead of ourselves but Washing Machine is a bit of a weird one to me. Two amazing long tracks, a neat goth ballad, underrated Lee tune, a couple of dirges (and I mean that negatively), a track that got broken up into two because the record label insisted on it. Great album by anyone else’s standards though

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It’s an interesting record because I feel the focus is more on the songwriting than most SY albums. The different personalities of the three songwriters really stand out. It has memorable, fairly structured, songs throughout unlike most of their albums which typically have more of an even mix of fairly conventional songs and tracks where the focus is on the sounds they can make.

It’s also warmer and more approachable than most of their records although it’s far from the ‘commercial sell-out’ that some say it is.

Despite all of that it’s still definitely a SY album with beautiful, interesting sounds and textures throughout and ends with a glorious 20 minute epic that pulls out all of the tricks.

It’s the only post Dirty album that I really bother with.

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