🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Spoon

Great band

Best production and attention to detail in the studio of any indie rock band I’ve heard. Love Britt’s voice and their songs are consistently packed with hooks

Hard to pick a favourite album or track cos they’re so consistent as people have said but TWMS really does it for me


It’s totally atypical of their sound but The Underdog is one of my favourite feelgood songs ever, makes me smile every time I hear it


i spent the night in the map room… i humanize the vacuum

one of my favorite lyrics


Always get Spoon ,Low and Cake mixed up.

Think ive only heard them on that Bright Eyes split

(i don’t know anything about Spoon)

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Reckon I might see some anti or “meh” Spoon takes itt that I will find slightly :frowning: or bewildering. But the idea that there might be just a couple of people that might discover them through this thread is lovely. Cause they bring me a lot of joy. Might do a little write up in a bit.


Like Broadcast, never heard of them. Unlike Broadcast, I won’t be inveatigating. If they’re of the mindset that ‘Spoon’ is the best possible name for a band, I don’t have faith in their creativity or quality control

theres only like six total good band names in existence so as long as its not some dumb pun on a celebrity name i just accept it and move on.


they’re named after the Can song if that helps

have you used your can opener yet btw?

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easy, easy 5. one of those bands that’s so consistently good, whenever i listen to an album of there’s i think “this has to be their best album” regardless of which album it is

reckon they might be a bit underrated cos they’ve never had that “masterpiece” that’s miles better than all their other stuff, but basically all of their albums are like 8/9 out of 10

insanely good live too


Won’t listen to Can for the same reason. If a band has a name which is one word of a typically mundane thing, they’re out. Salad, Gene, Cake, Cabbage etc

And nah I haven’t, had no need for it


Yeah agreed on the pun

Series of Sneaks onwards

also their best to this day


Can are really good.

Can are named after the first word of the Elton John and Tim Rice song if that helps


Never listened to them until the new one came out the other day and I liked it then forgot about them again until today. Got Ga Ga Ga… on now and it’s really very good.


Even worse!

they kind of feel like ‘what if Wire were a US indie rock band in the late 90s’, imo

a big but clever + not very obvious post-Pixies feel, too

doing a lot with minimal rock instrumentation + subtle sense of invention

great vocalist in Britt Daniels, too - versatile, charismatic, emotional in a pretty dry + cool way

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yup thats the one i ended up voting for.

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oh yeh, I see you :sunglasses:

so concise, so cool