🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Suede

I’m 49 and have been running since I was 37, so am in decent shape for my age, but I’m clearly not doing whatever sort of gym work it is that Brett does.

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Didn’t get the fuss about the last two at all but if this is a bit rawer it might be worth a listen. Previous post-reform albums seemed dramatic in a contrived way

Absolutely loved The Blue Hour. Such a brave leap forward. Not so sure about this bogus notion of a punk record on Autofiction. Played twice and the songs don’t seem to be there, but will give it a fair crack.

Loving It’s Always The Quiet Ones. Glorious and hilarious, in a way that only Suede can do.

Hadn’t played the new album and really enjoyed hearing it live in Leeds last night. Listened to it a couple of times today and it really is terrific.
A few members of the audience missed the memo last night - complaining afterwards that they didn’t play anything from Coming Up😂
We got Outsiders and It Starts And Ends With You added to the album set list - both of which sounded fantastic.


Love Outsiders. Probably the biggest banger of their renaissance.


This is probably dis’s least original observation but this new lp is really good isn’t it? Lost touch with Suede after Head Music did very little for me, this fucking slaps!


Brett Anderson joining forces with Jimmy Anderson in showing that being over 40 doesn’t mean you can’t still be an absolute force of nature.


Make that over 50!

So good in Bristol today. The new album (minus a track) and three other 2000s tracks…


Off their reckerd signing in Oxford on Wednesday!

Get on Night Thoughts

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Seen them a tonne of times since the reformation and Brett especially never puts in less than 100% to the live shows. Feel exhausted just watching him! Also enjoy Neil’s total opposite approach seemingly inspired by Ron from Sparks.

Came in 2 in the album charts (behind an enormous k pop group). Fully deserved, such a great album.


Well I’ve bought it twice (vinyl and extended digital edition), so that probably helps!

A week on and this album is actually amazing. Best album of 2022 for me - so far.

‘Turn Off Your Brain and Yell’ is my fav track.