🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Suede

In recent years there’s three “parts” of Suede for me.

The debut and Dog Man Star. DMS being one of the best British albums for me ever.

Then there’s Coming Up to A New Morning.

Then the post reformation albums of which Night Thoughts is the strongest for me.

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The element of roughness/dirtiness/raw sexuality that I loved on the first two albums was still there on Coming Up - cleaned up a bit for sure, but still there. Head Music and A New Morning were wank.

The newer stuff is better than that but doesn’t really capture me at all and I find it a bit samey.


Yes, I mentally group it as the first 3 albums (all feel like part of the same Suede world although stylistically different) then the next two rubbish albums, then post reunion, all good but nowhere near as good as the first 3.

Never less than 10/10 live.

I think the new album does succeed in part in being a bit more raw but not as much as they made it out to be. Really like Shadow Self.

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(The London) Suede have moved (The) London Suede gig dates at Brixton to December; same venue.


Night thoughts is one of the best indie albums of all time

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I think one has to acknowledge The Tears album, which I enjoyed way more than these last few

DMS is one of a handful of albums that I absolutely rinsed when it came out. It was the ambition and styles they were trying out that really appealed, moving way beyond their (albeit tenuous anyway) association with things like Britpop. Listened to it again recently and it’s still pretty amazing.