🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Sugababes

Real Girl sounds very good on a summer’s day too.

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Can’t wait for Aretha Franklin to finally be toppled

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One of the all-time great pop songs, this. Synths are fucking massive!

Got a lot of affection for them so gonna dive in and work out if they’re worth a 4 to sit alongside Britney in the ATt rankings.

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Listening to Round Round (which is great) and I think a vocal-less version of this would be an amazing slice of melodic techno. There’s a gorgeous reverb-y synth line behind the verses.

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If the last lineup contained none of the original Sugababes, how could they still be the Sugababes?

I will not stand for this deception. 1/5.

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Of course - just silly to compare songs like for like across disparate genres. But it’s hanging around the top of my pop bangers pantheon alongside All The Things She Said and Britney’s Crazy

Don’t rile me

They call themselves Sugababes but there are no Sugababes present.

I stand for truth and justice and cannot let this slide.

Not voting as I have no actual feelings about them at all.

Voted for Freak Like Me as their best single then just listened back to it for the first time in aaaaages. I’d totally forgotten about that horrible nu-metal guitar chug that sneaks in :neutral_face:

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SAME! :heart:We share excellent taste, Ant :kissing_heart:

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Referenced the sugababes in a philosophy essay before I knew about the ship of theseus thought experiment

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Overload is a great trip-hop track, huh?


Harsh on Numan calling it Nu Metal

2/5, a poor man’s mis-teeq


Sounds like an early 00s Lamb track ffs

Slow-mo drums at 3:20 :heart:

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can someone please watch that acoustic Caught in a Moment clip and reply saying that their harmonies are sick?

We sure do, and a very happy birthday to you, friend x

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During my second year of college I had a huge crush on someone and I have vivid memories of dancing round the dining room at the nursing home where I worked when the radio played Push The Button and desperately wishing he would push the fucking button. Happy, hopeful times.

Reader’s, he never pushed the button :sob: but he’s now one of my oldest and dearest friends.

5/5 for About You Now and Push The Button alone.
Going to listen to their other bangers at work this morning.