🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Supergrass

Yeah. Both are great though


I remember when Richard III came out being like, Woah! An indie pop band using a tritone riff? what is this dark magic?! They also have a song on the Clueless soundtrack, so it’s a 4 from me.


Can’t imagine being able to summon an opinion on them. It would be like taking a stance on the best type of gate or something.


Five bar gate, easily.

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Absolutely brilliant band. Different league to the vast majority of the Britpop bands they always get lumped in with. First two albums are total classics and they were amazing fun live around then. Bit of a drop off after that but none of their albums are bad I don’t think (last one isn’t great though). Easy 4/5, but upping to a 5 cos they seem to be getting a bit of a kicking, which both surprises and saddens me. I thought they’d do really well…


Sure I read somewhere that In It For The Money was written after they rejected the Spielberg offer

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I decided to have my tea instead of queuing for that. Wasn’t happy, but ended up enjoying Therapy? play to eighteen people on the main stage instead :smiley:

The definition of a 4/5.

Going to see them at Ally Pally next month and I can’t wait. Seen Gaz 3 times, but sadly never Supergrass.

I had a Supergrass is 10 badge that I wore on my jacket around the time.

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I remember hearing an interview with Supergrass about a time they were visiting the Tunnocks wafer factory for some reason. A guy spotted them and started going mad. Turned out he thought they were M-People!?

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Better than Bob Dylan but not as good as Pulp

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One of the most disappointing live bands ive seen.

Should probably vote 2 because it’s only Supergrass but it’s a 1 really. Musical equivalent of Ben Elton.


This is my exact opinion.

Anyone just rating the first 3 albums needs to give Life On Other Planets another go, and Road to Rouen whilst a different tone entirely has some lovely stuff on it.

Best thing they ever did:

Last album was shite, which always disappoints me. 5 out of 6 isn’t bad though. The Hot Rats album of covers was also good fun.


Some really terrible opinions in here.


I’d say SFA were great, and Supergrass were good with occasional moments of greatness, but still, I have time for both.

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Loved the first two albums so its a 4, I didn’t really pay attention after that tbh

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Good 4pm main stage festival band to have a beer to. Alright is like nails on a blackboard. Moving is fairly glorious, in a β€˜heavily ripped from Dogs by Pink Floyd’ kind of way.

Worth listening to 3, 4 and 5. But in the order – 4, 5, 3.

I should coco has a lovely sound to it, very warm and fuzzy

Do not really get on with the self titled or only in it for the money, but life on other planets has some great tracks, and I liked that they were tryng to do something sparse and more atmospheric with road to Rouen.

Gaz still has a great voice when so many others from that era can’t really sing now so good for him

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