🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Talking Heads

‘Despite his many issues with Byrne, Frantz insists he isn’t bitter about their history.’

Hmmm he certainly does not sound like someone who is not bitter.


Bit of a tangent but this is a nice tune. Very lovely.


The old, “I’ve written an entire book about this to prove how objective and not remotely bitter I am” approach.

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God I love this

Quite fancy reading that.

Listenig to the Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman Talking Heads podcast. Im sure the world is playing a joke on me. Worse band than RHCP, utterly utterly shite

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The song that lyric is taken from was the opening credits music on Clerks 2 as well.

I’ve fallen down the rabbit-hole of TH intra-band tensions now after reading that Frantz interview.
Tbf it does seem like Byrne tried to shaft the rest of the band numerous times on songwriting credits.
Funnily enough Weymouth and Frantz went on to do the same thing to Adrian Belew on the Tom Tom Club album.
I’m not a Talking Heads aficionado and I’m not sure if I’ve even heard the last couple of albums in full, but I do think there’s an argument that the more they became ‘David Byrne and the Talking Heads’, the magic was lost - Remain in Light apparently originated in jam sessions with Eno and you can really hear that.

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This is also my experience. Same goes for Repo Man.


Didn’t even know about this.

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  • A good song
  • A bad song

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The Chris Frantz book is hilariously scathing about David Byrne and Brian Eno. It’s not especially well-written but I’m enjoying it as it’s just fun reading about Talking Heads

good in SMS

Very silly but great fun to sing along with.

Very much this. I got about 40 pages in and stopped because it’s so halting.

Jerry Harrison being so game for the nonsense jokes of the U Talkin’ Talking Heads boys has really tickled me

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Fully fully obsessed with Talking Heads this year. Finally listened to the whole discography and I reckon this is my ranking:

  1. Remain In Light
  2. Speaking in Tongues
  3. Fear of Music
  4. More Songs About Buildings and Food
  5. Talking Heads: 77
  6. Naked
  7. Little Creatures
  8. True Stories

Could swap Fear of Music and More Songs depending on the day. Also surprised how much more I enjoyed Naked than Little Creatures and True Stories.


This is absolutely wonderful

Naked is underrated I think. I think Little Creatures is their worst by far, some really poor songs on that.

Have you listened to The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads? Second disc of that is incredible.