🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Talking Heads

Yeah I think I actually prefer it to Stop Making Sense, though Stop Making Sense definitely has the definitive versions (in my mind) of some of their songs, like Psycho Killer

A Clean Break.

Just wow.

The little known Brian Eno remix of Houses In Motion with additional verse and general extra fruity-ness. Baffling that this was left off the Remain In Light CD reissues (in favour of all manner of half-finished tat).

Would probably go to this


Reissuing the record with the missing songs too!


God I love this version of This Must Be The Place with the bouncy synth so high in the mix


God I love the bass sound on Once In A Lifetime too, and then with those backing vocals on the chorus!

This would be the best moment in any normal concert film and it didn’t even make the cut for the theatrical version


I need to try and listen to The Catherine Wheel again

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This transition is so good I’d much rather this was in the film then fucking Swamp

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fascinating 20 or so minutes of shaky camcorder-shot footage from a different gig on the '83 tour; featuring Love β†’ Building on Fire, The Book I Read and others…

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