🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Beatles

Weird, feel like I had a premonition that this was gonna happen today

Never really listened to the Beatles, the frothing canonization (I get it historical context yaddayadda but good god stop with the greatest band of all time shit) kind of put me off.

That sounds too dismissive, but I always felt irked hearing - just as I was getting into music as a teenager - all this hyperbolic wank about some Scousers from the 60s being the apex of the whole art form. And that sort of unconscious rejection has never quite left, even as I’ve independently found the merit in the bits I’ve listened (as well as, I should maybe add, finding other things wholly uninteresting)

Eleanor Rigby is a banger tho


The scope of material they put out in such a short time is incredible, imo. They went from “Love Me Do” to “Revolution No. 9” and “Helter Skelter” in 5 years. As someone (possibly on DiS?) once said, that’s like Westlife suddenly pivoting to Sunn O))) covers, or The Walker Brothers becoming… just Scott Walker, but in much less time!

[All the drugs they were on] is a hell of a drug, I guess.


Fuck sake I don’t have time for this today, but


As my brief parting shot though I will say that they’re probably overrated, but only insofar as they’ve been almost deified.


Imagine going in to a studio with people you now actively fucking despise and just bashing this out


Stole all their songs from Nicholas Lyndhurst



One thing I love about …Naked is how well balanced all the instruments are. It’s so frustrating they made the Mono masters so hard to get when they rereleased everything and there are a lot of moments listening in headphones that do my head in on the stereo albums. I really wish they’d remaster them all to sound better. The clips on the Love album are so gorgeous.

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Would be funny if someone found a space in one of their early contracts and it turned out they’d actually been called ‘The Beat Les’ all this time

Always think of this whenever people start discussing the Beatles


Old Brown Shoe? Old Brown Shit, more like

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mad to think they weren’t actual beetles.


Definitely not a favourite track.

A poor mans Shed 7.


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Paul McCartney must’ve been a special talent because one beetle wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving in the midst of one hungry frog, let alone an entire chorus of them

  1. Bye.
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If they’re a 5, why not stay and talk about them?

Find it impossible to listen to them like it’s actual music that’s meant to be enjoyed. It’s just like ‘i am listening to the beatles’


Coz I’m scared funky.