🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Beatles

listened to about 80 seconds of it, got really bored, pretty shit imo


the vocal is great, kudos to the AI gubbins that cleaned it up. overall though the ones that came out in the 90s are better

I’m firmly Team George, but Paul looks so fucking cool throughout the whole rooftop gig


Pre-internet world was wild

Paul McCartney wrote the song on his own, likely around January 1958 and possibly at George Harrison’s family home in Upton Green.[2] The song uses the B7 chord, which McCartney discovered with Harrison after a multi-bus trip across Liverpool to the home of a stranger who knew the chord.


Have to say, after quite a few listens now, I’m really liking the new track. It’s kind of heartbreaking.


wasn’t David by any chance, was it?


I’m probably treading over old ground here for many, but I didn’t realise that the tape with the songs on was labelled “For Paul.” And that many have long viewed Now and Then as a kind of love letter to him from John.

Whether or not it was intended that way, I’m sure Paul played these songs over and over again and pondered the reasons why they were “for Paul” after he died.

You can see why he persisted with this one and I’m glad he got to finish it.


It could almost be a song off Figure 8 with that modern, clear production and those strings. But then that’s obvious because Elliott always wanted to be a Beatle anyway.

The story of Paul breaking down when Carl Perkins sang him a song with lyrics involving the words “now and then” is very poignant.

It wasn’t long after Lennon had died and Linda had to explain to Carl why Paul was so moved, due it being the last thing Lennon had said to him.


Congratulations on your no 1 single The Beatles


The toppermost of the poppermost, Johnny.


it’s grown on me a bit. The production job is still highly unimaginative

I hadn’t realised Lennon labelled the demo tape with “For Paul”. Yeah… that’s done me in a bit.

Melody’s lovely, agree on production.

Ha, snap.

Apparently, emboldened by this success, they’re now going to make another film, based on an unfinished screenplay George Harrison wrote in 1974. It’s been described as a ‘saucy romp’.

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Great! They can now reissue the ‘1’ compilation (with the addition of the new track) in multiple costly variations.


Really enjoying this BBC Sounds series, utilising archive interviews, fronted by Martin Freeman:


Aye, inevitably a lot of old ground covered, but it’s a very nicely done package.

I’m half way through Revolution in the Head and never read such a dry, nerdy, musicologist take on the Beatles work. Really incredible insight to almost every song. Great stuff.


Listened to the red one earlier. Just such an incredible set of songs. Even the odd song where the word, ‘love’ makes up like 25% of the lyric, never get boring.