🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Beatles

I’m so used to the mix of ‘Love Me Do’ on the 1s CD that this 2023 mix sounds like an aberration.

I’ve been flicking through it agai, and I absolutely love how MacDonald is so confident about his opinions. He sort of shits on ‘I Want You’, which seems ridiculous, but the way he writes is so strong. The man was born to be on forums.


So far I’ve found him to be harsh on a number of songs I like


He hates Daytripper and Come Together as well doesn’t he iirc

I have my copy open here:

“‘Come Together’ is the key song of the turn of the decade, isolating a pivotal moment when the free world’s coming generation rejected established wisdom, knowledge, ethics, and behaviour for a drug-inspired relativism which has since undermined the intellectual foundations of western culture.”

Just a very strange take, and he does reveal some ‘reactionary’ opinions through the rest of the book.


I haven’t got to Come Together yet but yeah he just sort of ripped on Day Tripper for being just a riff I think. He really didn’t like All You Need Is Love, which I kinda understand, but I’ve always liked for what it is. It’s in a part of the book (their career) where they are being quite slack so he goes with that

He also really loves some we early period songs that have absolutely never grabbed me. Again, he could be right, that stuff has aged more

No fan of ‘classical’ Macca was our Ian

That star at the bottom means 1/5 for anyone unfamiliar with Q mag’s star rating system.

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Only 65 views, albeit after three days, but deserves more than that.


Think I will have pushed the play count up a bit, love that

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Probably already shared

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Cor, that’s an absolute stinker!

Louder Macca in the chorus on Norwegian Wood is a lovely thing. Reminds me of the mono mix of I’m So Tired.

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hadn’t seen this video of them playing this live in a studio


Shooby dooby

Superb song. Very Quo, but that opening riff and scream still raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Filmed in Twickenham Studios by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in September 1968 so this is like proto-Get Back

I like that George and Paul are still doing the microphone sharing thing

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Maxwell’s is my dad’s favourite Beatles track :grinning: