🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Beatles

Dad’s hot music takes would be a good thread, actually


My dad loves Bowie’s 80s output. His favourite Bowie album is ‘pin ups’

He doesn’t understand that this is unusual, he’s not being contrary, man just loves that stuff

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My mum is a big Bowie fan and still has an old vinyl copy of Pin Ups in the house, but weirdly it’s the only Bowie record of hers I’ve seen. I imagine she had others at the time that she lent out and never got back or something as I’m pretty sure Ziggy Stardust is her favourite, but it’s literally the only copy of Pin Ups I’ve ever seen anywhere in my life. Said she used to have a big poster of it on her bedroom wall too which her mum hated.


My dad claims his favourite album is “Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground’s Transformer”. Dunno if he picked up a bootleg copy of it or how he got that in his head. He also doesn’t know a single actual Velvet Underground song and, for what it’s worth, I’ve never heard heard him actually listening to Transformer either.


They never looked cooler than this clip in my opinion

The new mix of Day Tripper is fucking ace

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I ignored the rerelease of Red and Blue but I keep hearing good things about the tracks and there’s a very tempting limited edition box set of them both (sold out) that is giving me FOMO. However I have about half the studio LPS so I think tracking the rest down on vinyl would make more sense.


There seems to be a few of these knocking about, but kudos to this one for going the extra mile with the video.


The CGI’d in Beatles towards the end completely shit over the Peter Jackson attempt.

He really dropped the ball on that one. Decent song and use of technology, but all I can think when listening is Jackson’s A-Level Video Production coursework.

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Feel like there’s room for some sort of Weezer ‘Buddy Holly’/Beatles crossover to inevitably exist at some point.

Was thinking more the opposite of this. I.e. Weezer vid with Beatles audio.

Right, I’m off to the wallow in the YouTube vortex that I’ve just been sucked into: chopped and mashed alt versions of Buddy Holly.

The video is really surprisingly bad at times. Why is the 2D John constantly dancing like he’s a flash animation?

The footage of Paul, George and Ringo recording together in the 90s is quite nice though (I presume that was already widely available but I’d never seen it before).

There’s a really nice shot in the video of John and George laughing on stage together in the 60s but then the more I looked at it I wasn’t sure if it was real footage or AI. Fuck sake.


“That’s not so good Peter Jackson… yeeeeeep”

I quite like this version

A good version that also highlights how much of a fundamentally weak song it is imo


it makes it sound like one of the early ones that they’d give away


Yes! Could imagine this is the one they gave to the Stones that inspired them to write their own atuff and not IWBYM.

Immediately makes me think of Jagger talking about the “horrible” song the Rutles wrote for them in five minutes which they never recorded.


Song has grown on me more because I like the air of fatalism about it. Dare I say this but with a few tweaks I could honestly see it fitting onto a Lana Del Rey album. Has that doomy romantic vibe. What I think holds it back is that appalling video. In the last minute or so of the video it really confronts mortality and death and the sense that they represent an age that (on our current trajectory) can never happen again. The three minutes before that are just some Peter Jackson intern pissing about on wondershare. Overall a mixed bag but the melody is stuck in my head.