🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 The Bee Gees


Not my thing at all, but I have fond memories of Beavis and Butthead watching Jive Talkin’, and Billy Corgan’s cover of To Love Somebody on his 2005 solo album (with Robert Smith on backing vocals) is one of my favorite songs of that decade.

I like the brother in the hat, seems the most affable throughout and then only leaves because the other two have already fucked off. Still throws in a friendly little goodbye. Good lad, shame he died so young.

Don’t like the other two.

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Just remembered I walked Ben Nevis earlier this month and there was a guy charging up the mountain blasting out Bee Gee bangers on his phone. Thankfully I didn’t get stuck near him for too long

I probably need to do a deep dive into their 60s- early 70s output at some point. dont really know much beyond the greatest hits and Main Course but im sure theres some more good stuff. robins(?) falsetto kinda rubs me wrong so it may be a barrier too wide for me to ever really love.

nights on broadway is a jam of the highest proportions tho:

going with a 3 idk

I wonder how much of a Smooth Radio is taken up with Bee Gee songs?

That Candi Staton version :ok_hand::ok_hand:


that title track is still one of the best oztrayan songs of the 1960s

The Bee Gees score a 2.99. Between Weezer and Elvis.

Is 94 votes below average? Feels like there wasn’t a lot of chat in this one

Tomorrow is the 150th HGATR!


They normally go over 100, but 94 for a legacy pop band isn’t bad.

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150! Thanks so much for doing these, probably my favourite thing on the site


Pretty much the only thing that keeps me here. Might do The Levellers soon, hope you’re ready.