🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Chemical Brothers

Love that they can work equally well with QTip as they can Noel Gallagher.


Remember my indie-clubbing days and Leave Home would be one of the very few dance songs they’d play. I enjoyed it enough to grab the 12", but it appears I somehow bought a really boring version of it, certainly not the version that banged in the club anyway. Never listened to an album, love Galvanise, don’t hate them, but they worked with Noel Gallagher so points definitely deducted for that.


Love them so much. Transformative live.

Neither Hey Boy Hey Girl or Unfinished Sympathy are any less than 5/5 smashes, I’m sick of the lot of you.



As there is no 0 option I cannot cast my vote. I’m politically homeless!

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They’ve had some patchy periods, but when they’re on, they are absolutely huge.Really exciting euphoric music. Extra points for releasing such a banger in No Geography last year - not many acts release one of their very best albums twenty five plus years into their career, and I’m not sure any electronic act ever has. Their Glastonbury set was massive last year as well. It’s a five from me.


Probably a 3/5. I very rarely listen to them now, but listened to them a lot as a young un. Always looked good live


The Wonderwall thing is more about ubiquity than quality. Hey Boy Hey Girl is fucking awful though.

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Hearing Block Rockin Beats at 13 changed my life. First three albums are genuinely really, really good (if slightly short of great).

Private Psychedelic Reel, Out Of Control & Star Guitar I still play really regularly.

As a live experience, it’s flawless really. So so brilliant.

Star Guitar video is a work of art. Got me into wanting to make films.

But some of it hasn’t aged well. Some of the big hits are properly annoying. And until No Geography (which is actually fantastic) they hadn’t made a decent front to back record in fifteen years.

It’s a 4. They are flawed, but their impact on kids like me was huge. They changed what I listened to. And I’ll always be glad of it.

  1. Mainly for the video for let forever be.

One of those bands where the absolute shiteness of the name is an off putter

People are going to mark them down for the ubiquity of some of their biggest singles that shamelessly courted the pop and indie markets, but that would ignore the number of genuinely great tracks they have made over the years.
Yep, sometimes patchy albums. But those 9 patchy albums have enough gold on them for 6 absolute killers.

They’re not just a singles band either.
Stick on Snow when you’re wearing headphones or listen to the beauty of The Pills Won’t Help You Now.

Live, they are incredible. Even the over played tracks come alive. I’ve seen them at festivals, theatres and arenas, but i managed to get a ticket to see them at Blackpool Empress Ballroom about 4-5 years ago. A stadium/arena show in a 2500-3000 capacity beautiful ballroom was mind blowing. The place went crazy for 2 hours. One of the best gigs of my life.

Serious musicians who’ve been producing the goods since the mid 90s, proving one of their best albums last year.
Has to be a big, big 5. One of my favourite acts.


Was massively into then for the first three albums. Including DJ sets, probably saw them live maybe 20 times during that period.

Stopped following them after that, but still dip my toe in occasionally and they can still write absolute bangers. Would definitely have watched them close Latitude last Sunday had that gone ahead.

Seeing as I try to vote bands at their peak for these threads I’m going with a FIVE :+1:


They ruled. I don’t really listen to any of this type of thing any more though.

The only time anyone has ever got me to mildly respect The Beatles is when one of the blokes from the record shop I used to love played Tomorrow Never Knows for me to show me how it was like that one Chemical Brothers track

They’ve never bettered their debut, but they’ve been consistently good for over 25 years so I’ll give em 4 out of 5.

They DJed at the Arches around 1997 I think - one of the best sets I’ve ever heard - amazingly the second arch was really sparse since Slam was on next door.

Tim Burgess collabs >>> Noel Gallagher ones.

A generous 3. If I’m listening to owt dancy, it ain’t the Chems - but generally happy enough to hear a single on the radio. Describing HBHG as fucking Wonderwall is unbelievably daft, because it is Actually A Good Song. It seems like their crossover/gateway appeal was a big thing, which is always great.

Will do well due to the DiS demographic, like so many 90s bands.


Easy 5. Banging live with a great discography. In the words of Super Hans “Big beats are best, get high all the time”*

*Actually you can forget the getting high all the time bit, Im 30 so I’ll probably just listen to them whilst I do the dishes instead.

  1. First 2 albums are good, not bothered with them after that. ,They did help me appreciate electronic music more so there is that.

The only thing I don’t like about them is their stance towards geography


A solid 3 for me, they’re a decent enough pop/dance act but are not that exciting as far as electronic music goes. Some great stuff on the first three albums though, absolutely adore Let Forever Be