🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Divine Comedy

Oof, that Jiggery Pokery song set my teeth on edge. It’s all slimy and smug and so, so knowing.

Literally no idea about them beyond that though. Are they like a gentleman’s Half Man, Half Biscuit? If so, count me out.

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Shitter than actual shit. 1

The guy is clearly very talented but they do nothing for me beyond mild irritation.

Didn’t mind 'something for the weekend but then it was on the radio every five minutes and it then very quickly established itself as something I never wanted to hear again, luckily I haven’t for years. Got it in my head now and it’s not unpleasant but I very much doubt I’ll ever choose to listen to it again.

2 for my lovely horse from father Ted

Tried a couple of albums but not for me

Impressed by how young he was during his most successful years

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Oh boy, they’re already doing a lot worse than I feared.

The Divine Comedy were my first band that I loved, and have bought everything of theirs since. I can understand people being put off them/him from certain songs, and he was full on in the 90s, but there’s so much great stuff there. The box set with all of the albums and hundreds of besides last year was great.

Just want to post a couple of his less poppy songs that I love. This one from the last few years reminds me he can still do some great songs:

And Count Grassi too:

Easiest 5 for me. Better than anything in the HGATR leaderboard.


5/5 - huge fan of their barmy nonsense. The cover of I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party is a rager as well.


:grinning: as exclusively revealed to music leaguers a few weeks ago

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Seems pretty good at what he does. The vocals are a little bit theatrical or over enunciated or something so I don’t think I can go above 3/5 as it always feels a bit like he’s singing at you from on a stage.

Brilliant pop songs.

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It works perfectly if you go see him at a gig!


Live music is fake, I don’t want to pay money to be lied to.


Wait, this is a real band?

Not my bag really, find that indie disco song exceptionally nails on chalkboard stuff. Don’t really mind the archness either it seems to at least punch up mostly and the guy seems alright beneath it all. Liked those songs they recorded In the Basement, and Tonight we Fly is also good. Could never stomach a full album of it in a million years though. 2-3 I guess. Generous 3.

What does arch mean? I thought it had something to do with being an evil villain but I guess not in this case

Nothing less than a 5. Liberation and Promenade and pretty much perfect in every way.


I like this a lot


Straight 5. Love him so much. I totally understand how “arch” can slide into “smug”, but his songwriting and storytelling is captivating (for me), and tied into a really specific time of my life. Would love to have a cup of tea with him.

This is a lovely show, not sure it’ll change anyone’s mind about him, just is a nice half hour of history.


I’ve enjoyed a few of their songs that have popped up on the Music League playlists. Don’t think I’d ever be able to listen to more than one or two at a time though. Big ol’ abstain.

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Not a massive fan but this cover is incredible;

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My non-Casanova and National Express highlights:

Tonight We Fly is, for me, perfection. In and our before you know it but there’s so much lovely stuff going on. We plan to have it as the first dance at our wedding, if we can work out how to move to it in a less-than-mental way.

Just sheer orchestral joy:

Something a bit different. Still slightly tongue in cheek but so dramatic:

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